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Watercolor Memories

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April 6th Preview:

Last chance to enter the Thank You For Being A Friend contest!  Best friends 6Tell us about a special friend of yours and you will be entered for a chance to win Lollipop Yarn for yourself AND you friend! Contest ends Sunday, April 6th at 9pm Eastern.

Watercolor Memories

Watercolor Memories

This colorful stripy girl got caught up in the rain. After dancing around under the umbrella, she decided to do some puddle jumping and emerged fresh faced and ready for your needles.

5 rows each or Rosy, Gerbera, Sunbeam, Sprout, Shower, Lilac


Baby I'm YoursBaby I’m Yours

 A bewitchingly beautiful blue, she’s all yours,
until the stars fall from the sky.
Yours, until the Lollipop inventory
runs dry.

14 rows Lovebug, 3 rows Dreamy, 4 rows Sandman, 3 rows Dreamy. Mini Me in Sandman

Whoomp! There it IsWhoomp! There it Is

The olives and browns were getting together to plan their latest colorway collaboration when all of a sudden, the most voluptuous vixen in the valley sauntered in.  Hottie Boombalottie,  ever the diva,  was feeling a little overlooked and under pampered.

After a few dramatic tears, the easy going naturals gave in and allowed Miss Hottie to contribute a bit of shazam to the design.

I think you’ll agree, the resulting mash up is delightful!

10 rows Grass Roots, 10 rows Down to Earth, 4 rows Hoochie Mama.  Mini Me in Hoochie Mama.

Walkin' On Sunshine


Walkin’ on Sunshine

She’s the brightest, most vivacious ball in the bunch!  Little Miss Sunshine will cheer up your toes with her jaunty, eye popping stripes.

5 rows each of Tickle Me Pink, Vibrant Violet, Bouncy Blue, Nifty Neon, Daffodil, Orange You Glad



Mew. Soft, sweet, and ready to purr on your needles.

8 rows Whisker, 4 rows Milk, 8 rows Tiger Tan, 4 rows Milk

I'm Your Huckleberry.


I’m Your Huckleberry

She’s your willing sidekick, always ready for an adventure or to be your second. The Louise to your Thelma, the Yang to your Yin, this girl’s hoping to be a friend to your needles.

8 rows Best Friend, 8 rows Ally, 8 rows Partner

Spring Fancy


Spring Fancy

Finally! It’s time to break out of the winter blahs and celebrate the season of fresh starts. Four playful pastels surrounded by spritely silver are ready for a fibery frolic on your needles!

4 rows In the Pink, 4 rows Iris, 4 rows Bluebell, 4 rows Melon, all surrounded by 12 rows Whispering Wind.



- worth it’s weight in gold. This lovely ball is made up of 8 nuanced stripes that blend together for the perfect relationship.  She’s always there for you; strong when you need her to be, and with a soft shoulder to cry on. BFF.

5 rows each of Harmony, Kindness, Concern, Sympathy, Loyalty, Laughter, Knitting, High Jinks







Yarn Bomb

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Knitting brings us so many wonderful friendships. Best friends 6Join the Thank You For Being A Friend contest and tell us about a special friend of yours.  One lucky entrant will receive a ball of Lollipop Yarn for themselves  AND one ball for a friend!


You never know where she’ll turn up – but this vibrant self striper just has to express herself! yarn bomb 1

Ten colorful stripes (count ‘em, 10!) are waiting for YOU to knit up some graffiti for your feet!

4 rows each of Beauty, Joy, Color, Texture, Graffiti, Kniffiti, Guerilla Knitter, Covert, Street Art, Yarn Storm



These two have reunited to make beautiful music together. Their colorful duets have completely enchanted the rest of the Lollipop crew and every weekend concert is sold out.

They are one perfect fit, and they both are so excited and hope to be reunited with your needles!

8 rows Just Peachy, 4 rows Shake Your Groove Thing, 8 rows Herbal, 4 rows Shake Your Groove Thing


This girl is so adorable, the others flock to her like bees to a flower.  5 fair hues surrounded by sweet cream make for the cutest ball in the bouquet!

4 rows each of Honeydew, Beautiful Breeze, Lovely Lavender, Perky Pink, Pretty Peach, all surrounded by 2 rows Cream

A Roll in the HayA ROLL IN THE HAY

The wink of an eye, a teasing glance, and before we knew it this ball disappeared around the barn for a bit of a snog.

While Miss Hay may think she’s being sly, the other girls are on to her, especially when she shows up with a bit of straw sticking out of her pretty stripes!

8 rows Hanky Panky, 4 rows Romp, 8 rows Afternoon Delight, 4 rows Romp


This pleasing ball keeps whispering in your ear – if you don’t grab me now, you may never see me again.
Cause she’s got a peaceful easy feeling, and she won’t ever let you down.
Cause she’s already striping round and round.

8 rows Lilac, 8 rows Rosemary, 8 rows Delphinium


Don’t even think about getting your toes dirty with this prim and proper girl.  She likes everything “just so” and can be quite persnickety about manners and etiquette.

A recent Cotillion graduate, Miss Priss likes to wear a twirly skirt and is known to spend hours on her hair and makeup. Expect to drop some serious cash on spa appointments.

13 rows Prim Pink, 4 rows Cream, 3 rows Straight Laced Sand, 4 rows Cream

Life is Beautiful.


The beautiful one is back for an encore performance!  Eight uplifting stripes will accompany you on your journey through a world of fibery enlightenment.  Ciao bella!

5 rows each of Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, Friendship, Blessings, Laughter, Vitality

C’mon Get Happy!

Next shop update Sunday, March 9th at 7pm Eastern!

C'mon Get HappyC’mon Get Happy!

Hello world, there’s a squishy ball ready for knitting.Flower Power
C’mon get happy!
A whole lotta self striping is what she’ll be bringing.
She’ll make you happy!
She’ll make you happy.

12 rows Partridge, 3 rows each of Peace, Love, Groovy, Flower Power

Color AddictionColor Addiction

This ball may be a little spoiled and high maintenance, but she always gets what she wants. She can usually be seen on the arm of a Sugar Daddy, and diamonds are her best friend.
Her motto is “Nothing in Moderations!”

5 rows each of Shopping, Margarita, Yarn, Shoes, Vacation, Chocolate, Money, Bon Bons

Blue Skies.

Blue Skies

Three shades of a blue, smiling at me.
Nothing but blue stripes will you see.
All your blue days will be gone.
Nothing but blue stripes, from now on.

5 rows Azure, 5 rows Celestial, 5 rows Wild Blue Yonder, all surrounded by 3 rows Cloud

Lazy Day.

Lazy Day

Swing in the hammock, read a book, or just nod off for a bit with this sunny afternoon hued ball.

6 rows each of Grasshopper, Sky, Hammock, Blossom, Hay

Hanky Panky.


Hanky Panky

This amorous little ball has romance on her mind. She’s always up for a good time – let her seduce your feet with squishy bright stripes and a matching Mini Me.

8 rows Fervent Fuchsia, 8 rows Lusty Leaf, 8 rows Romantic Raven. Mini Me in Fervent Fuchsia.

Sand Dune.

Sand Dune

Feel the sand between your toes with this soft beachy little ball. Four different beige hues interspersed with cream make for some sandy, stripy socks!

4 rows each of Tan, Buff, Drift, Biscuit, all surrounded by 2 rows Foam


There’s not a serious bone in this little ball of fun and frolic! Self striping happiness abounds in 6 rows each of Gleeful Green, Blissful Blue, Perky Purple, and Tickled Pink. Mini Me in Gleeful Green.




Purple Power

Next shop update Sunday, February 23rd at 7pm Eastern!

Purple Power!

Well, the Lollipop Girls were caught skinny dipping in a Vat O’ Violet last Tuesday.  Not sure what got into them, but a few empty bottles of  Boone’s Farm were found scattered about. Thusly, we present to you this week’s offerings.  Power to the Purple!


Jam Up and Jelly TightJAM UP AND JELLY TIGHT

This berrylicious girl looks a little naughty but she’s so polite. Sweet, juicy, and scrumpdillyicious this self striper is outta sight!

8 rows Grape, 4 rows Blackberry, 8 rows Boysenberry, 4 rows Blackberry

Lilac Attack.


A blast of luscious lilac overtook the Lollipop Labs! After much sweet talking, the other Lollipop gals fell under her fragrant spell and allowed this charmingly striped lass to go to the head of the class.

12 rows Lilac, 3 rows Mist, 12 rows Lilac, 3 rows Drizzle

Purple Pizzazz.


Shocking, isn’t she? This little ball isn’t  afraid to stand up for your feet.

8 rows Booty Black, 4 rows Vivacious Violet, 8 rows Booty Black, 4 rows Punch Purple

Ain't She Sweet.



She’s pretty as a picture, and the darling of the Lollipop crew.  Displaying the loveliest of greens and purples, this young lady has good manners and good looks too.

Yes, if you ask me very confidentially, she’s one self striping cutie pie!

8 rows Kiwi, 4 rows Precious, 8 rows Concord, 4 rows Precious

Lavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams


Sweet dreams are made of this lovely little ball. Soothing stripes and a coordinating heel/toe in lavender will send you into a deep and satisfying slumber.

8 rows Catnap, 8 rows Slumber, 8 rows Zzzzzz. Mini Me in Catnap



Ok, so not EVERYONE is passionate for purple, though one might wonder about the character of said violet haters. Also incoming to the Lollipop Resort and Spa are two natural beauties and one super duper eye popping girl that got lost on the way to Bonnaroo.  Without further ado….


The Long and Winding RoadTHE LONG AND WINDING ROAD

Take the road less traveled with this nature loving little ball. Six different outdoorsy hues make for a free and easy pair of socks that will lead you to self striping happiness!

5 rows each of Pavement, Sand, Forest, Gravel, Earth, Pine



Thoughtful and grounded, this ball is a lover of the great outdoors. She’s pretty much off the grid, and texting, Facebook, and Pinterest might as well be terms for new species of fish.

No showy hues here, just some environmentally sustainable shades of blue and and green.

5 rows Lichen, 5 rows Moss, 5 rows Algae, all surrounded by 3 rows Creek



This fresh faced girl is a bit of a klutz. She’s charming, bright, and funny, but with a tendency to fall down at regular intervals.

6 rows each of Kooky, Goofy, Boo Boo, Bonkers, Dingbat



The Best Is Yet To Come

Next shop update Sunday, February 9th, at 7pm Eastern!

Last chance to enter the “I Got Cartjacked!”  contest and grab your chance at some free yarn!CartjackedContest ends tonight at 9pm Eastern.

The Best is Yet to ComeTHE BEST IS YET TO COME
Ever the optimist, this little ball is always ready for the next big thing. Her approach to life is to live it to the fullest, with no regrets. After all, tomorrow is another day!The Best is Yet to Come
5 rows each of Confidence, Enthusiasm, Determination, Grit, Courage, Spunk

Spa Day

Get away for some relaxation with this soothing, restful ball.  Three calming soft stripes surrounded by an all natural stripe will give your feet a self striping massage!

5 rows Eucalyptus, Cucumber, Rosemary, all surrounded by 3 rows Pure

Hanky Panky.


This amorous little ball has romance on her mind.  She’s always up for a good time – let her seduce your feet with squishy, bright stripes and a matching Mini Me.

8 rows Fervent Fuchsia, 8 rows Lusty Leaf, 8 rows Romantic Raven. Mini Me in Fervent Fuchsia




The tranquil one is back! No drama here, just a peaceful, easy feeling, and some stripes that won’t ever let you down.

8 rows Restful, 8 rows Calm, 8 rows Serene

Sweet Child O'Mine.


This ball is a bit rebellious, and sports some serious ink. Yet, this heavy metal girl has a vulnerable side that will make your heart melt.

Where does she go now? Why, on your needles of course!

6 rows Bad Boy Blue, 6 rows Punk Girl Purple, 6 rows Heavy Metal Magenta, all surrounded by 4 rows Hard Rock.
Peacock on the LoosePEACOCK ON THE LOOSE

Well, the Lollipop girls TRIED to reign her in, but sometimes you gotta know when to say when!

Yep, Miss Peacock goes on a little bender now and then.  Rumor has it that she takes up with the local Lothario who hangs around down by the creek, but that’s between you and me and the lamp post.

Catch her if you can!

6 rows Strut, 6 rows Sashay, 6 rows Show Off, 6 rows Don’t Fence Me In.  Mini Me in Show Off.



Happy Go Lucky

Next shop update Sunday, January 26th, at 7pm Eastern!


Don’t forget to enter the “I Got Cartjacked!” contest! Post about your shopping frustrations and win a chance at a free ball of Lollipop Yarn.   Contest ends February 9th!


Happy Go LuckyHappy Go Lucky

She’s ready for shamrocks, a pot of gold and some green beer.  C’mon get happy with this bonny lass and knit up some lucky stripes for your feet!

8 rows Blarney Stone, 4 rows Four Leaf Clover, 8 rows Blarney Stone, 4 rows LeprechaunLeprechaun



You’ll hear a lot of smooth talk from this ball, but don’t believe a word of it. Like a leprechaun she’ll appear one moment, and then be gone in the blink of an eye. Catch her while you can!

8 rows Erin Go Bragh, 4 rows Lucky Charm, 8 rows Shamrock, 4 rows Lucky Charm

Love Shack


Love Shack

Uh, don’t ask.

6 rows Amore, 6 rows Tryst, 6 rows Crush, 6 rows Rendezvous







She’ll have her way with your needles, and sweet talk your feet into some self striping trouble.

5 rows Tease, 3 rows Raven, 5 rows Vamp, 3 rows Raven, 5 rows Bewitching, 3 rows Raven

Counting Stars.

Counting Stars

Lately this little ball has been losing sleep, dreaming ’bout the stripes that should be on your feet. With 2 shades of blue violet surrounded by deep charcoal gray, she’s counting on you to take her home.

8 rows Sleep, 4 rows Night Sky, 8 rows Dream, 4 rows Night Sky

Cabin Fever.

Cabin Fever

Cozy up by the fire with this warm and fuzzy little ball. Six different stripes of woodsy colors make this girl easy to knit and a delight to wear every day.

4 rows Firewood, 5 rows Chimney Smoke, 3 rows Pine, 4 rows Hot Cocoa, 5 rows Pot Bellied Stove, 3 rows Fir.








Love is in the Air

Shop update Sunday, January 12th at 7pm Eastern!

Ever had some Lollipop Yarn in your cart, only to have it disappear in a flash?  We feel your pain! Join the “I Got Cartjacked!” contest in the Ravelry Group and enter to win a free ball of Lollipop Yarn!Cartjacked



It’s that time of year – valentines, chocolate, jewelry, and just general all around amour.  Love is in the air my friends, and the Lollipop Girls are ready for romance.

Gimme Some Lovin'GIMME SOME LOVIN’

She’s so glad you made it; so glad you are going to knit her up. You got to give her some lovin’ every day!

3 rows Romance, 3 rows Wink, 3 rows Kiss, all surrounded by 5 rows Booty

Kiss Me.


This girl’s ready for some snogging!  Four smoochilicious colors make up this blushing beauty with a matching Mini Me that’s sure to bring some romance to your feet.

6 rows each of Smooch, Lip Lock, SWAK, Lipstick. Mini Me in Lipstick.



This passionate ball wants to schedule a tryst with your feet.

8 rows each of Romantic Red, After Midnight, Grope Me Gray

Pillow Talk.



My pillow and I, both agree, there must be some needles somewhere to knit this little ball up for me.

I hope I’m right.

I’d better be right.

Oh, there must be a pillow-talking ball for me.”

6 rows each of Passionate Pink, Mad About You Mist, Sweetie Pie, Amorous Ash.  Mini Me in Passionate Pink.


Cousins, rejoice!  All the drama, shenanigans, love, luncheons and Maggie Smithisms are back! Unfortunately, (or fortunately for all you haters) Matthew is not.

None the less, we must all keep a stiff upper lip and all that, and chive on.  So grab a cuppa, a remote, and your needles and settle down for a delightfully dramatic Season 4.

6 rows each of Upstairs, Downstairs, Masterpiece, Crawley, Grantham


Friendship – worth it’s weight in gold…or fiber.  This loyal ball is made up of 8 nuanced stripes that blend together for the perfect relationship.  She’s always there for you, strong when you need her to be, and with a soft shoulder to cry on once in a while.

5 rows each of Harmony, Kindness, Concern, High Jinks, Loyalty, Laughter, Sympathy, Knitting

Dust in the WindDUST IN THE WIND

Close your eyes, only for a moment and these soft and subdued neutrals will be knit up and on your feet before the moment’s gone.

8 rows Ash, 4 rows Sand, 8 rows Ash, 4 rows Powder. Mini Me in Sand.

Vintage Vibe

Vintage Vibe


A bit retro, a bit hip, and a whole lotta good lookin’, Vintage Vibe is the Bees Knees! Five nostalgic stripes, each surrounded by Iron Black, make for a splendid pair of socks!

4 rows each of Olive, Glass, Sepia, Soft Blue, Terra Cotta, each surrounded by 2 rows Iron




Stash Update

Ok, so last year at this time I made a New Year’s Resolution to increase my pitiful stash situation.

January 2013 Pathetic....

January 2013 Pathetic….

The picture above says it all. Yep, hard to believe, but true. Y’all would like to think there’s a ton of little Lollipop Yarn balls hanging around waiting to party in the New Year, but they all fly out of the nest shortly after birth!

The plan, at least, was to put some change into other indie dyer pockets and enjoy some stash enhancement for the sheer joy of it.  Well,  I just didn’t quite get there. Better, but still not acceptable.

2013 Year End

2013 Year End

The goal for 2014 is to have those shelves packed full and overflowing.  Unwind Yarn Company, Gynx Yarns, Another Crafty Girl, Miss Babbs, Gnomeacres, Plucky Knitter, Fibernymph, Hiwassee Creek, Gale’s Art, Must Stash, Kirby Wirby, Desert Vista Dyeworks, Marigold Jen, Leading Men Fiber Arts, Neighborhood Fibers… watch out! The Lollipop Yarn 2014 Year of Stash Enhancement has begun!

** For any of you who took the time to read this pathetic little confession to the end…. thank you! And here’s a little present: There will be a  Super Secret Small Shop Update tonight, December 29th at 7pm Eastern! This blog post is the ONLY place it is being announced. Brand new color ways, as well as some recent friends will be waiting.**


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Join the Lollipolooza Sock KAL.  Knit socks with Lollipop Yarn, post pictures, win prizes! No rules, just fun.

Next update Sunday, December 15th, at 7pm Eastern!

Baby It's Cold OutsideBABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE

You really can’t stay. But she’s so beautiful – enticing you to knit just one more stripe.  You wonder what the neighbors might think, and there’s bound to be talk tomorrow.

You ought to say no, no, no.  But that potato chip knitting is putting you under a spell.  You simply must go – but baby, it’s cold outside!

5 rows Blizzard, 3 rows Chill, 5 rows Flurry, 3 rows Chill, 5 rows Freeze, 3 rows Chill

Gettin' Jiggy Wit ItGETTIN’ JIGGY WIT IT

Wanna dance?  Get jiggy with this stylin’ self striper! Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!

6 rows Hip Hop, 6 rows Bring It, 6 rows Fresh Prince, 6 rows Rap.  Mini Me in Hip Hop

You, Me, and Gucamole.


Ok, so we can speculate about what’s going on here.  But we won’t.  Some things are just best left to the imagination.

10 rows You, 10 rows Me, 4 rows Guacamole.  Mini Me in Guacamole

Purple Pizzazz.


Shocking, isn’t she? This little ball isn’t afraid to stand up for you feet.

8 rows Booty Black, 4 rows Vivacious Violet, 8 rows Booty Black, 4 rows Punch Purple

Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.


Good times, not a care in the world, and your best friend by your side.

10 rows Companionship, 10 rows Puppy Love, 4 rows Boo.  Mini Me in Boo.

Doo Wah Diddy

Doo Wah Diddy



She looks good and she looks fine. She looks so good on your needles, you’re going to lose your mind!

8 rows Charming Charcoal, 4 rows Giddy Green, 8 rows Charming Charcoal, 4 rows Pink Flamingo.  Mini Me in Giddy Green

U Can’t Touch This

Join the Lollipolooza Sock KAL.  Knit socks with Lollipop Yarn, post pictures, win prizes!  No rules, just fun.

Next update Sunday, December 1st, at 7pm Eastern!


Sometimes your knitting hits you so hard…well, hit it back with this rappin’ self striper!  Three bright stripes combine with a neutral gray stripe and a matching gray heel/toe.  Break it down!

6 rows Hammer Time, 6 rows Hip Hop, 6 rows Rap, 6 rows Parachute Pants.  Mini Me in Hammer Time


Just call out her name, and she’ll come running, to see you again!

All you gotta do is call, and she’ll arrive, in all her self striping glory with a bottle of wine and a pint of Hagen Daz.

3 rows Lean on Me, 3 rows I’ll Be There, 3 rows Bestie, all surrounded by 5 rows BFF


Mysterious and sweet all at the same time, this girl is completely luscious and oh-so-good-for you!

Did you know plum is the new black?

8 rows Damson, 4 rows Mist, 8 rows Santa Rose, 4 rows Mist


Back by popular demand!  Just when you thought it was safe to grouse and Grinch you way through the holiday crowds, this covert group of stripes will surprise and delight you with an impromptu show.

Get her fast before she goes viral!

9 rows Hashtag, 3 rows each of Random, Crowd, Performance, Assembly, Surprise, Improv, Public


“I love coffee, I love tea. I love the Java Jive and it loves me.

Coffee and tea, and the Java and me – a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup.”

8 rows Latte, 4 rows Arabica, 8 rows Cappuccino, 4 rows Arabica

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