Another Auld Lang Syne

Sunday, November 29th schedule:

7pm EST: Update (Traditional and Gripes bases)
7:15pm EST: Update (Beefcake base)

Another Auld Lang Syne cropped for GridAnother Auld Lang Syne

Friends, parties, and a ball drop at midnight. Reflection, self examination, plans, and resolutions.

Ring in the New Year with this beautiful colorway that boasts four matching mini me’s for a variety of heel/toe combinations.Another Auld Lang Syne 3

Make it your New Year’s resolution to knit up this divine design.

4 rows each Party, Fireworks, Kiss, Resolution, all surrounded by 7 rows Midnight. Mini Me’s in Party, Fireworks, Kiss, Resolution

Flea Flicker 1Flea Flicker

If you’re not a football fan, then just move along.

Otherwise, put on your big boy pants and throw in this good looking hunk of a trick play.

Yup, it’s a bit risky, but the payoff can be a big 6 points and a handsome pair of socks.

1 row Trick Play, 4 rows Lateral, 4 rows Trick Play, 18 rows Turf. Mini Me in Trick Play

Baby It's Cold OutsideBaby It’s Cold Outside

You really can’t stay – but she’s so beautiful – enticing you to knit just one more stripe.

You ought to say no, no, no. But that potato chip knitting is putting you under a spell.

You simply must go – but baby it’s cold outside.

5 rows each Blizzard, Flurry, Freeze, all surrounded by 3 rows Chill.  Mini Me in Chill

Smile with heeltoeSmile

“It starts in your toes and your self striping rows,
Wherever it goes, you’ll always know.
That she’ll make you smile, please knit for a while now,
Just bring her along, where you go.”

5 rows each Laugh, Grin, Chuckle, Glee, Happiness, Delight, Bliss, Cheer. Mini Me in Laugh

Vintage Vibe with heeltoe newVintage Vibe

A bit retro, a bit hip, and a whole lotta good lookin’, Vintage vibe is the bees knees!

Five nostalgic stripes, each surrounded by iron black, make for a splendid pair of socks!

4 rows each Olive, Glass, Sepia, Soft Blue, Terra Cotta, surrounded by 2 rows Iron. Mini Me in Iron

Downton Abbey Pre Order newDownton Abbey

Rejoice! All the drama, shenanigans, love, luncheons and Maggie Smithisms are back for a final season.

Will Mary and Edith (and Tom, and Isabel, and Thomas) find love? Will Anna finally (please!) be cleared of murder? Will Spratt get the better of Denker?

Who knows what Season 6 will bring, but grab a cuppa, a remote, your needles and settle in for some fun!

6 rows each Upstairs, Downstairs, Masterpiece, Crawley, Grantham

Serenity NowSerenity Now!

You’re stressed. Everything seems to be going wrong. Feel free to throw a tantrum (the Lollipop Gals have been known to throw a few).

Better yet, knit up this gradient girl and feel your worries slip away.

And here’s the rest of the Lollipop lineup:

November 29th 2015 update 1.png

Row 1:
Another Auld Lang Syne – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Serenity Now – Gripes
Baby It’s Cold Outside – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake

Row 2:
Downton Abbey – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Oh Christmas Tree – Traditional, Gripes
Smile – Traditional, Beefcake

Row 3:
Vintage Vibe – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Flea Flicker – Gripes, Beefcake
Bite Me – Traditional, Beefcake

November 29th 2015 update 2.png

Row 1:
Yarn Bomb – Gripes
Great Googly Moogly – Gripes and Beefcake
Under the Tuscan Sun – Traditional

Row 2:
Purple Pizzazz – Gripes
Truly Madly Deeply – Traditional, Gripes
Puddle Jumper – Beefcake

Traditional Base – 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon 4 ply fingering, on the light side. A favorite for “in your shoes” socks. Soft, but holds up extremely well.
8-9 stitches per inch on a US 0-1.

Gripes Base – 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon 2 ply fingering. The perfect middle weight. Springy, shiny, lovely.
7-8 stitches per inch on a US 0-2.

Beefcake Base – 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon 3 ply heavy fingering/light sport. Plump and delicious.
6-7 stitches per inch on a US 2.

Super Simple Lollipop KAL

Gather up your Lollipop stash for an easy-peasy KAL beginning on November 1st and continuing through Dec 31st!

Prizes are a ball of Lollipop Yarn and the entire Striped Strides pattern collection by Maggie Menzel! Winners will be drawn on New Year’s Day.


  1. Use Lollipop Yarn!
  2. Participate however you want – 1/2 a sock, 1 sock, 10 pairs, a hat, mittens.
  3. One pair of socks gets 1 entry, two pairs, 2 entries, etc..
  4. Use the brand new pattern Scurry by Maggie Menzel and receive 5 additional entries!Scurry
  5. Chatter welcome!

The Scurry sock pattern will be released on November 1st. Use coupon code “lollipop” to bring the price from $4 to $1.50

And check out the entire Striped Strides Collection here!

The Peacock Strikes Again!

Sunday, October 18th schedule:

7:00pm EDT – Update (Traditional and Gripes bases)
7:15pm EDT – Update (Beefcake base)
8:00pm EDT – Special Update (details here)

Peacock on the Loose

Peacock On the Loose

Well, the Lollipop girls TRIED to reign her in, but sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel.

Yep, Miss Peacock goes on a little bender now and then. Rumor has it she’s taken up with the local Lothario who hangs around down by the creek, but that’s between you, me, and the lamp post. Catch her if you can!

6 rows Strut, 6 rows Sashay, 6 rows Show Off, 6 rows Don’t Fence Me In. Mini Me in Show Off

Under the Tuscan SunUnder the Tuscan Sun

Rainwashed and sunbaked, our bella signora is ready for some amore with your needles. “Life offers you a thousand chances…all you have to do is take one.”

7 rows each Faded Rainbow

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound



Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Gotta love the bad boy.  This dude is so good looking, he can charm the stitches off your needles.

Occasionally though, he and the boys head out to the old dive bar for beers, pool, and some good ol’ country songs.

6 rows each Trouble, Shenanigans, Rowdy, Bad to the Bone, all surrounded by 4 rows Bourbon.  Mini Me in Bad to the Bone

Santa Baby 1 (1)Santa Baby

You’ve been an awful good girl and deserve a special present.  This ball will hurry down the chimney onto your needles for some festive socks!

6 rows Cherry Nose, 6 rows White Beard, 6 rows Trimmings, 6 rows Evergreen

Carol of the Bells



Carol of the Bells

Hark, hear the bells, sweet silver bells! Throw your cares away and fire up the dpns (or circs) for a festive ringa ding ding.

Rich tonal stripes ring in words of good cheer and a merry pair of socks.

8 rows Pointsettia, 4 rows Silver Bells, 8 rows Mistletoe, 4 rows Silver Bells.  Mini Me in Pointsettia

Home for the Holidays Pre Order

Home For the Holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays. The sights, the smells, that special feeling.

No matter how far away you roam….for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home.

8 rows Sleigh Ride, 8 rows Gilt, 8 rows Tannenbaum. Mini Me in Sleigh Ride

Oh Christmas Tree Pre Order

Oh Christmas Tree

How lovely are her branches! This is no poor Charlie Brown Christmas tree – she’s evergreen and decorated with strings of bright lights.

Inspired by a delightful Lollipop fanatic, this colorful ball will entice Santa to leave some extra special presents just for you.

5 rows each String of Lights, all surrounded by 5 rows Fraser Fir.  Mini Me in Holly

And here’s the rest of the Lollipop lineup:

October 18th Update

Row 1:
Candy Crush – Gripes base
Under the Tuscan Sun – Traditional and Gripes bases
Pillow Talk – Traditional and Gripes Bases
Love is All Around – Traditional and Beefcake bases

Row 2:
Carol of the Bells – Gripes base
Oh Christmas Tree – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases
Santa Baby – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases
Home for the Holidays – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases

Row 3:
Autumn Serenade – Gripes base
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound – Traditional, Gripes, and Beefcake bases
Peacock on the Loose – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases
Purple Pizazz – Traditional base

Autumn Anarchy

Sunday, September 20th schedule:

7:00pm EDT – Update (Traditional and Gripes bases)
7:15pm EDT – Update (Beefcake base)
8:00pm EDT – Special Update – check out the details here.
9:00pm EDT – Favorite Colorway Contest Update – (Limit 1) see Ravelry

Autumn AnarchyAutumn Anarchy

Rise up and shout, ” I’m tired of summer, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

If you are ready for warm socks, cozy cardigans, crisp weather and Pumpkin Spice lattes, grab this rebellious little ball!

6 rows each Insubordination, Defiance, Mob Rule, Rebellion, Riot, all surrounded by 2 rows Sassy. Mini Me in Sassy

Bewitched 1 (1).


This cute witch will cast a spell on your needles. Stripey socks will be complete with a twitch of your nose!

6 rows Spooky, 6 rows Pumpkin Patch. Mini Me in Spooky


Witchy Woman heeltoe 1.

Witchy Woman

There’s no 50 shades of gray here, just the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

She’s got the moon in her eye and will put you under her spell and dominate your needles.

4 rows each Biatch, Attitude, Whine, all surrounded by 6 rows Badass. Mini Me in Biatch

Puddle Jumper 1Puddle Jumper

Happy-go-lucky doesn’t begin to describe this celestial beauty. She’s likely to hopscotch her way down the block and skip through a few puddles in her duck boots.

Her motto is ”
Everybody wants happiness,
nobody wants pain.
But you can’t have a rainbow,
without a little rain.”

3 rows Carefree, 3 rows Cheery, 3 rows Lighthearted, 3 rows Jolly, 3 rows Jaunty, 3 rows Sprightly, 22 rows Sprinkle. Mini Me in Sprinkle.

Yarn Bomb HeelToe 1Yarn Bomb

You never know where she’ll turn up – but this vibrant self striper just has to express herself!

Ten colorful stripes are waiting for YOU to knit up some graffiti for your feet.

4 rows each Beauty, Joy, Color, Texture, Graffiti, Knitfiti, Guerilla Knitter, Covert, Street Art, Yarn Storm.  Mini Me in Guerilla Knitter.

Truly Madly DeeplyTruly Madly Deeply

“I want to stand with you at the yarn market.
I want to knit everything in your queue.
I want to live on your feet forever.
Until the smell finally overpowers you..
8 rows Dream, 4 rows Fantasy, 8 rows Wish, 4 rows Fantasy. Mini Me in Dream

Candy Crush heeltoe 1Candy Crush

Sweet! The saga continues with new levels of complete sugar rushes.  Seven saccharine, saturated stripes will knit up for a cheery, non fattening pair of socks!

6 rows each Skittles, Pez, Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, Gummi Bears.  Mini Me in Pop Rocks


And here is this Sunday’s entire lineup:

September 20th update

Row 1:
Be Merry – Gripes, Beefcake
Yarn Bomb – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Candy Crush – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Puddle Jumper – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake

Row 2:
Autumn Anarchy – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Witchy Woman – Gripes
Bewitched – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Trick or Treat – Traditional, Gripes

Row 3:
Truly Madly Deeply – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Frenemy – Beefcake
Tranquility – Gripes
Plein Air – Gripes

Favorite Colorway

Have a favorite Lollipop colorway?  Want a chance to win a ball, or better yet, see it available for massive Pre Order? Make your voice heard here!

Choose from these color ways:

Favorite Colorways 1

Row 1- Deck the Halls, Holly Jolly Christmas, Be Merry, Christmas Carol
Row 2- Flash Mob, Yarn Bomb, Smile, The Rainbow Connection
Row 3-Candy Crush, Ooph, Blue Skies and Rainbows, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Favorite Coloways 2

Row 1- Serenity Now, Me Myself and I, Some Kind of Wonderful, Baby It’s Cold Outside
Row 2- Cold Snap, Bite Me, Frenemy, Peacock on the Loose
Row 3- Comfy Cozy, Falling in Love, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, Pillow Talk

  1. Voting closes tonight (9-13) at 9pm EDT.
  2. The top 3 color ways will be made available for Pre Order on Sunday, September 20th, at 9pm EDT (The regular update will be at 7pm and 7:15pm EDT as usual)
  3. There will be 24 Pre Orders available in each of the 3 colorways. – a total of 72. However – after those are gone you can can message me through Etsy (not Ravelry) and get on the Pre Order List! I will leave the Pre Order list open until Monday, September 21st at 7am EDT, or until I decide I am crazy, whichever comes first.Gripes eyes teeny
  4. The default base for the Pre Orders is the Gripes base.  If you prefer Traditional or Beefcake, just message me after you place your order!

Autumn Equinox Kits

Autumn Equinox 1     Fall…… What does it evoke in you? Memories of summer rains and the rich colors of Moss? The unexpected glint of Amber as the first leaves start turning? Or the lure of all things Pumpkin Spice? No matter what fall brings to mind, we’ve got an Autumnal Equinox kit ready for you!
     Joan from Lollipop Yarn ( and Jan from JanBSmiley bags ( have teamed up to create a Limited Edition sock kit. The yarn is Lollipop Yarn’s Gripes base (80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon 2 ply Fingering Weight), This yarn is machine washable; hand wash for extra long lasting socks. It comes as a 100 gram hand wound ball, approximately 410 yards. The yarn knits up: 8 rows Mushroom, then 4 rows each Winesap, Pumpkin Spice, Amber, Moss, then back to 8 rows Mushroom.
     Jan’s unique project bag is made from durable heather gray wool felt, and each cube has 2 leaves embroidered on it – one on each side of the bag. There are 3 color options: Moss, Amber, and Pumpkin Spice. The zipper color and leather zipper pulls coordinate with the leaves. Because the leaves are each individually sewn, their exact shape and placement varies.
     The project bag is approximately 6″ x 6″ x 4” high, a versatile size for your future 1-2 skein projects after you’ve finished your socks.
     The kits also include a mini Lose Me Not with 5 graphite grey metal coil less stitch markers to keep inside your cube for on the go sock knitting. Your kit will be mailed no later than September 16th – just in time for you to cast on as you celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.
The cost for the kits is $65. They go up for sale at Noon Eastern on Tuesday, September 1st! Get them at JanBSmiley.

Bye Felicia 1 (1)Bye Felicia

      Don’t mess with a mean girl. She’ll slice and dice you and leave the remains for the B table.

Your only chance is to offer up a mocha latte, cozy fire, and some needles.

20 rows Buh Bye, 5 rows B*itch, 20 rows See Ya!, 5 rows B*itch. Mini Me in B*itch

Karma Chameleon 1Karma Chameleon

She comes and she goes, changing color and personality faster than you can say Boy George. Love her or leave her – she’ll end up on somebody’s needles.

6 rows each Grasshopper, Azalea, Plum, Lake, Goldenrod, Tangerine, Rose, Bluebell, Teally.  Mini Me in Teally

Autumn Amore heeltoe 1Autumn Amore

Meet Miss September.  She loves hay rides, jumping in big piles of freshly raked leaves, and waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

5 rows each Red Delicious, Spice, Amber, Granny Smith, Bark. Mini Me in Bark

Trick Or Treat heeltoe 1.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

8 rows Spooky, 4 rows Ghost, 8 rows Spooky, 4 rows Pumpkin Patch.  Mini Me in Pumpkin Patch

Whisker Lickins heeltoe 1.


Whisker Lickin’s

She’s a fuzzy feline who’s quite sure of her charms.  With 6 different stripes, this little kitty will purrrr on your needles.

4 rows each Catbox, Furrball, Pink Nose, Hellcat, Whisker, Purr Pink.  Mini Me in Purr Pink

Some Kind of Wonderful heeltoe 1.

Some Kind of Wonderful

A little loopy, a little sane. A little bit colorful, a little bit gray.

Either way, she’s Some Kind of Wonderful and she’ll know how to treat you right.

8 rows Silver, 2 rows each Soot, Grass, Cyan, Iris, Soot.  Mini Me in Cyan

Mistress of the Dark Pre OrderMistress of the Dark

She’s your favorite “ghoulfriend” with ample assets and a social life that’s just a little bit naughty!

8 rows Witchcraft, 4 rows Elvira, 8 rows Witchcraft, 4 rows Macabre. Mini me in Elvira.

*The Mistress will be available for Pre Order in the Gripes base during the 7pm EDT update*

And here’s this Sunday’s entire lineup:

August 23rd Update

Hissy Fit

Hissy Fit 1Hissy Fit (Tumbling Blocks Striped Socks pattern by Leah Oakley)

Line too long at Starbucks? Ravelry down? She’ll stomp her pretty little self striping foot and throw a full on temper tantrum. Amid the histrionics, she’ll peek through her long lashes to gauge your reaction.

You might as well give in and pay her the attention she deserves.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose at yarn chicken.

2/5/2/5/4/6/3/2/3/2 rows Hullabaloo. Mini Me in Drama Queen.

Cooler Than Me 1 anotherCooler Than Me

No drama here.  Just a super chill ball that never tries too hard. She’ll pass you by without saying hello, and nothing you do is good enough.  Who does she think she is?!

Obviously a somebody – that’s why the paps are following her around, wanting a photo. Stylishly worn, like a comfortable pair of acid washed jeans, this ball will look awesome knit up into a pair of socks.

4 rows each of 3 stripes intertwined – Intriguing, Steely, Chill.  Mini Me in Chill

The Outer Limits 1The Outer Limits

A galaxy of deep, saturated rainbow stripes, this 10 color self striper will take you to places you’ve never been!

4 rows each To the Moon and Back. Mini Me in Space.

Cheeky 1.



She’s the one with the smart mouth.  Your most fun friend, Miss Cheeky might embarrass you in public, but she’s always a good time.

4 rows each of 3 stripes intertwined – Impertinent, Saucy, Fresh.  Mini Me in Saucy.

Giggles 1 (1)Giggles

There’s not a serious bone in this little ball of fun and frolic! Self striping happiness abounds in 6 rows each of Gleeful Green, Blissful Blue, Perky Purple, and Tickled Pink.  Mini Me in Gleeful Green.

The Best Is Yet to Come heeltoe better.

The Best is Yet to Come

Ever the optimist, this fiberista is always ready for the next big thing. Her approach to life is to live it to the fullest, with no regrets.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

5 rows each Confidence, Enthusiasm, Determination, Grit, Courage, Spunk.  Mini Me in Spunk.

Here’s this Sunday’s entire lineup:July 19th Update

Row 1:
The Outer Limits – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Hissy Fit – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Cheeky – Gripes, Beefcake

Row 2:
Indian Summer – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
The Best is Yet To Come – Gripes, Beefcake
Color Addiction – Gripes, Beefcake
Giggles – Gripes, Beefcake

Row 3:
Pretty Paws – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Jelly Belly – Gripes, Beefcake
Cooler Than Me – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Minted – Gripes

Blue Skies and Rainbows

Blue Skies and Rainbows  (due to high demand, this colorway will also be available during the Update as a Pre Order in both Gripes and Beefcake.)

Everything is awesome with this effervescent and unceasingly cheerful gal.

She lives on the sunny side of the street and if you ask her about her day, the response is always “Totes terrific!”.

5 rows each Cheerful, Lively, Chipper, Gleeful, LOL, Perky, all surrounded by 5 rows Blue Skies.  Mini Me in Blue Skies

Under the Tuscan Sun

Rainwashed and sunbaked, our bella signora is ready for some amore with your needles.

“Life offers you a thousand chances…all you have to do is take one.” Frances Mayes

8 rows each Vintage Rainbow

Me Myself and I.

Me, Myself and I

Alone, but never lonely, this ball is content with her own company.

Confident and intelligent, she makes great conversation at parties and holds her own at any gathering.  Still, there’s no where she’d rather be than home with a cuppa and some needles.

4 rows all intertwined – Solo, Never Lonely, Traveling Light.  Mini Me in Solo.

Let's Get it OnLet’s Get it On

There is just nothing more to be said here.

4 rows all intertwined – Hanky Panky, Afternoon Delight, Rendezvous. Mini Me in Hanky Panky

Independence Day


Independence Day

“Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

4 rows all intertwined – Patriot, Liberty, Freedom.  Mini Me in Patriot




Newly born,  she’s full of fresh pale blue greens and creamy goodness.

She’s practically perfect and will look positively pleasing on your feet.

5 rows Midori, 5 rows Julep, 5 rows Mojito, all surrounded by 3 rows Zing.  Mini Me in Julep


And here’s the rest of the lineup for this Sunday’s Update.  See you there!

June 7th newer

Row 1: Under the Tuscan Sun, Great Googly Moogly, Flash Mob, Blue Skies and Rainbows

Row 2: Let’s Get it On, Independence Day, Java Jive, Time in a Bottle

Row 3: Me, Myself and I, Cutie Patootie, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Minted

Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocketful of SunshinePocketful of Sunshine

Need a little pick me up?  Cast on this perky and lighthearted little ball and your day will brighten up immediately. She’ll take you away with her cheerful, playful stripes and matching sunny heel/toe.

5 rows each Sky, Grass, Sunny, Rose, Mango, all surrounded by 3 rows Fresh Air.  Mini Me in Sunny

The Rainbow Connection.

The Rainbow Connection

“Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the sock lovers, the knitters, and me.”

4 rows each Color Me Happy

Yankee Doodle Dandy.


Yankee Doodle Dandy

She’d love to be your Yankee Doodle sweetheart and celebrate the 4th on your feet. It’s your patriotic duty to knit her up!

8 rows Rocket’s Red Glare, 4 rows Star Spangled, 8 rows Patriot, 4 rows Star Spangled.  Mini Me in Rocket’s Red Glare.

Grand Old Flag.

Grand Old Flag

She’s the emblem of the land we love. The bravest ball in the bunch, her heart beats true for your needles.

3×7 rows True Blue and Freedom, 5 rows Patriot, 9 rows Don’t Tread on Me, 5 rows Patriot

Love Shack.

Love Shack

Uh, don’t ask.

6 rows Amore, 6 rows Tryst, 6 rows Crush, 6 rows Rendezvous. Mini Me in Amore

Watercolor Memories.


Watercolor Memories

This winsome stripey girl got caught up in the rain. After dancing around under the umbrella, she decided to do some puddle jumping and emerged fresh faced and ready for your needles.

5 rows each Rosy, Gerbera, Sunbeam, Sprout, Shower, Lilac

Lazy Day.

Lazy Day

Swing in the hammock, read a book, or just nod off for a bit, wearing some socks that just stripe up carefree!

6 rows Grasshopper, 6 rows Sky, 6 rows Hammock, 6 rows Blossom, 6 rows Hay

Sunshine on My Shoulders.

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Nothing makes this girl happier than fresh air and sunshine. Let her brighten your day with cheerful stripes and a matching heel/toe.

10 rows each Blue Skies, Sand, Breeze, Suntan, all surrounded by 5 rows Puffy Cloud.  Mini Me in Blue Skies

And here is the rest of the Lollipop line up for this Sunday’s update.  See you there!

May 10th update

Row 1: The Rainbow Connection, Ooph, Love Shack, Yankee Doodle Dandy

Row 2: Pocketful of Sunshine, Watercolor Memories, Lavender Fields, Grand Old Flag

Row 3: Garden Party, Lazy Day, Sweetie Pie, Sunshine on My Shoulder

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