We Need A Little Christmas

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We Need A Little Christmas

We Need A Little Christmas

Well, we may be rushing things, but what the heck – deck the halls again, now!
You may have grown a little leaner/colder/sadder/older, but this ball will warm you up with some festive stripes and a merry heel/toe.
Yes, you need this fibery ball right this very minute. You need a little Christmas, now!

4 rows Hollyberry, 4 rows Tree, 4 rows Lights, all surrounded by 6 rows Angel. Mini Me in Hollyberry



A bit of a flower child, she’s into horoscopes and will give you a reading upon request.
Karma’s aura is multicolored and with her moon in the 7th house, her love will steer your needles into a lovely pair of socks.

6 rows each of Henna, Mystical Magenta, Psychic Straw, Zodiac Blue, Leapin’ Lizard

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie



A darling of a ball, she’s all sugar plums and bon bons. Miss Sweetie will be your one true love and knit up into some delicious stripes.

8 rows Angel, 8 rows Honeybunch, 8 rows Cupcake. Mini Me in Cupcake

Doo Wah Diddy

Doo Wah Diddy



She looks good. She looks fine. She looks so good you’re gonna lose your mind!

8 rows Charming Charcoal, 4 rows Giddy Green, 8 rows Charming Charcoal, 4 rows Pink Flamingo. Mini Me in Giddy Green




Take a low, deep breath, and bask in the soothing hues of this lovely ball.
No drama here, just a peaceful, easy feeling, and some stripes that won’t ever let you down!

8 rows Restful, 8 rows Calm, 8 rows Serene





It’s a marvelous night for some fall knitting and this fantabulous colorway will make your night magic!

10 rows Moonlight, 10 rows Magic, 4 rows Harvest, Mini Me in Harvest

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2 thoughts on “We Need A Little Christmas

  1. I tried at 5 minutes past 6pm CST and everything was sold out!!! How can someone get this yarn if everything is gone in 5 minutes! Geez! :-D

  2. lebonora on said:

    They are all very, very beautiful. Ordering when I can catch it! Good work!

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