Does Mom = ADHD?

Upload photos, clean mud off baseball cleats, schedule marketing club meeting, write thank you to Aunt Edith, buy toilet paper, kiss hubby.  Those random thoughts ran through my head in the span of time it took to tinkle yesterday.  About 30 seconds.  30 seconds of thinking about everything and nothing, and forgetting all but the need for Angel Soft.  Not such a bad thing I suppose, as I consider Angel Soft a vital ingredient in maintaining life’s happiness.  Unless, of course, you are Sheryl Crow, which means you would have a stack of leaves next to the privvy and would add leaf collecting to your list of things-to-do.  But I digress. Alot.

  Does this sound like you? Since you’ve added kids, do you feel like your life is one long twitter feed of to do’s, interrupted by Urchin #1, Moppet #2, and for those of you who don’t know anything about birth control, Nipper and Anklebiter #3 and #4.  Do you long for the time when you were completely focused on one project at a time?  Do you even know how anymore?

My focus is long gone, and I’m not sure I’ll ever find it underneath the pile of laundry.  Cause here’s the truth:  Sometimes the kids are gone, the media is off (sort of) and if I really paid attention, there just might be a block of time in which to accomplish an important something.  Not dusting, not updating your calendar with kids’ games, lessons, meetings, appointments, not picking up shoes, skis, legos, (insert irritating item of your choice.)  Something important. Something big.  Like finding a cure for gray hair.

A couple of years BC (before children) I might get involved in a project (work or otherwise) that would be all-consuming. Nothing got in the way; sleep, exercise, fun, even food.  Yes, food!  Now I believe my slightly kid-addled brain is so afraid of being interrupted that it’s hesitant to even begin.

Unfortunately there is no solution other than time.  One day, silence will reign over the house, and freedom will once again be mine.  (It will be the worst day of my life!)    Until then, sock knitting saves the day.   Self-striping yarn practically begs for a Plain Old Vanilla Sock Pattern which I can now do in my sleep. It survives multiple interruptions,  gives my ADHD hands something to keep them occupied, and doesn’t require the concentration of Yoda.   Cast on.

Cherry Fling Socks

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