Just Say No to Running Barefoot

So, the new trend in running shoes appears to be, uh, no shoes.  As in running barefoot.  Hmm, can you say tetanus shot?

The barefoot running movement has been around awhile, thanks to the Kenyans and Ethiopians who have made running at 80 lbs soaking wet an art form.  Who needs shoes when you have 1% body fat and 0% stress on your knees and ankles?  Besides, who wants to make the financial decision between a pair of Reeboks and a bowl of rice?

Of course, Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, et al couldn’t possibly jump on the no shoe bandwagon.  (I’m guessing their shareholders might object to the lack of a dividend.)  Enter Nike Free and Vibram Five Fingers.  These are basically shoes where they take out all the fancy, high-tech cushioning, and still charge you up the wazoo.  Free they ain’t.

Supposedly we’ve all been doing it wrong for decades and have hip, knee and ankle problems due to our pathetically overcushioned over indulged fat American feet. Except for one thing:  I do not have 1%, (or even 20%) body fat, and I can afford a buck or two for some pillow soft trainers.  And I’ve never had a running injury.  Not in 20+ years (unless you count the time I tripped and fell on my 6 month pregnant belly and skinned my nose).  Plus, I refuse to wear something that makes me look like Curious George.     So I’ll stick with my clumsy, clunky, divinely motion-controlled size 8 Asics, thank you.  Run on.



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