My Love Affair with Laundry

Having an active family means accumulating big piles of smelly socks, t-shirts, uniforms, and other unmentionables.   Like the US Post Office and mail, the dirty laundry just keeps on coming.  But here’s my confession: I don’t hate it.

Oh, I say I do, and complain along with my other Mom friends. Why is it then, that laundry is always first on my to do list? In fact, I’ve realized that it’s my favorite procrastination habit, #1 over anything, including facebook, twitter, pinterest, and chocolate breaks.

Maybe it’s the smell of freshly laundered t-shirts or the warmth of blankets as they come out of the dryer.   Maybe it’s the sight of neatly stacked towels in the basket. Or maybe it’s the fact that I can at least win the Fight Over Funk, if nothing else each day. Let the battle begin.



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