Knitagoraphobia: fear of knitting in public

         Where do you knit?  On the train, at lunch, in pick up line, at soccer games?  Or do you confine your passion (obsession) to home and hearth, or maybe a knitting club? 

         Remember when knitting was something your mother, grandmother, or spinster aunt did?  Back then, knitting was a necessity, not a hobby.   Without it, you would be hatless and mittenless, and your numb fingers would be unable to pelt your brother with snowballs.  Or maybe your couch needed that granny square afghan to add a dash of pizzazz to the gold and avocado living room decor.


      Fast forward  a few decades, and knitting and crocheting are in again.  Of course, a few things have changed.  Grandma used to head down to the nearest Ben Franklin and always came home with the ugliest, scratchiest, cheapest yarn she could find in the sale bin.  These days, yarn tastes have graduated from Maxwell House to Starbucks, and the advent of the internet has given a yarnaholic a veritable smorgasbord of choices in fiber, not to mention patterns, and chats rooms.

     Still, I can’t seem to come out of the closet with my knitting/dyeing obsession.  Fear of the “old biddy” label forces me to keep my addiction private.  But it’s past time to fess up.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

         So starting today, I am putting myself in a 5 step program to conquer my Knitagoraphobia. Are you with me?

 Step 1)  You will announce your secret to the world (or at least to anyone who cares):  “I am a knitter.  I am powerless over sock yarn!” 

 Step 2) You will knit at your child’s football/soccer/dance/piano activity.

 Step 3)  You will actually wear said knitting projects in public when completed.  (Leaving projects half-baked is not an excuse.)

 Step 4)  You will own up to being the creator of said project.

 Step 5)  You will preach the gospel of all things fiber to the unenlightened.         Amen.



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