6 Signs that Fall is Right Around the Corner

As I write this, it’s early August.  Sweltering heat, little rain, and droning cicadas – that about sums up my least favorite month.  Typically I go into a humongous hot flash of a funk about this time of year.  The laundry is smelly enough to stand up on its own and seems to procreate like rabbits when I’m not looking.  My love affair with laundry is over, at least for the short term.  Plus, the kids are bored, stir-crazy, and eat every 53 minutes.  Week long camps (worth every penny!) are a distant memory and the house is littered with Legos and Nerf bullets.  To top it off, I can’t stand to run in the heat.  Hate it.  Hate.  It.  Did I mention I hate it?  Since running is Nature’s little anti-depressant, you can see why I’m ready to climb into the refrigerator with a bottle of Captain Morgan and shut the door.

But change is a-coming’!  Autumn, which officially arrives September 23rd, is closer than you think.  And here are my Top 6 Signs that the season that welcomes cooler temps, crunchy apples, the color change of leaves, and the arrival of the Great Pumpkin is imminent.

Top 6 Signs of Fall

1.  Coffee tastes better.

2 . Kids are back in school.  Already.  Booyah!  Some of you unfortunate souls have to wait until Labor Day, but I happily did my back-to-school shopping 2 weeks ago.

3.  NFL preseason starts this week.  Nothing says Fall like the sound of grown men beating the crap out of each other.

4.  A hankering to get out my crock pot.

5.  The desire to kick somebody’s ass in a 5k.

6.  An uncontrollable urge to knit socks.  Any color, any time, anywhere.

 What are your favorite signs of Fall?



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