What’s Up With Knitting Patterns that Make you Look Like a Cow?

Moo.  Once again, my latest knitted sweater makes me resemble a Guernsey.  Is it me?  Maybe.  For the record, my BMI is well within the acceptable range, and no, I’m not going to post a picture in order to protect the innocent (pattern designer, that is).

But here’s a big shout out to all you designers – quit making me look like the side of a barn!  I’m not expert enough to adjust the pattern as I go, and  really don’t want to have to knit the damn thing twice.  No one, unless they’re another fiber obsessed designer, is going to tell you that you look nice.  Your husband will tell you like it is:  “You look like Porky Pig.”

So please….I’m begging you….longer, leaner, slimming, flattering.  More Angelina.  Less Roseanne.  Oink.


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