To Clean or Not to Clean? That is the Question.

     So we’re having a party.  I highly recommend throwing parties regularly.  Not only are they a “buttload of fun” as my 15 year old likes to say, nothing makes you more aware of the state of your household mess than the thought of a gaggle of busy bodies (I mean, friends) checking out  your closets and dustbunnies.

     A frenzy of cleaning for the past 2 days has left me ragged and cranky (ask me how I know-better yet, ask my husband).  And there is still more to do.   

     Where’s the cleaning lady, you ask?  Yes, I can afford a housekeeper, and have had a few in the past.  But growing up “without” has left its mark, and I’ve always been uncomfortable with hired help.

       I always ended up cleaning the baseboards along with the cleaning lady, happily chatting away with her, despite the fact that she spoke Portuguese  and I did not.

     So, I am cleaning…..  Having 2 boys, the level ratchets up a bit.  Toothpaste on the bathroom cabinets.  Blue marks on the wall where my 9 year old used his newly acquired sled to practice sliding down the stairs due to a lack of snow.  Pee where it shouldn’t be. 

     In the end, it will be worth it.  The sparkle.  The smell.  Totally worth it.    I will welcome guests with pride.

     Oh did I forget to mention that kids are invited to this party?  A few hours of fun, and the house will again resemble the pre-party mess.



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