5 Yarny Resolutions


     2011 was an enormously satisfying year personally and professionally.  I am incredibly blessed to have a terrific husband and 2 healthy, energetic boys.  The Etsy shop  took off faster than you can say Hootenanny, and I have enjoyed immensely keeping up with all the requests and coming up with new colorways.

     That said, there are a few areas where I could stand some serious improvement.  Without further ado, here are my 5 Yarny Resolutions for 2012:

1.  Participate in Ravelry more.

      Confession: I don’t always “get” Ravelry.  Yeah, I can keep track of all my needle sizes, but that still doesn’t mean I actually know where they are.  Plus, I spend so much time dyeing, volunteering, and mothering that there’s barely time for any social media.  Pinterest? Forget it!

     But I had the opportunity to hang out on The Rav one afternoon and found not only a wealth of information, but some fun folks hanging out as well. No convincing needed – this is one cool site.

2. Make time for knitting.

     There’s always a “to do” list.  No more excuses.  KNIT NOW is my new mantra.

3. Go to a show/festival/retreat.

     Too busy. Too many family obligations.  Too many excuses (see #1 and #2 above).  No more.  I will attend SAFF in Asheville, NC.  Maybe Stitches South.  Any other suggestions?

4. Work on new stripe patterns.

      Up until now, always the same old Nice Girl stripes.  Even rows – about 1/2″ wide.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Nice Girl stripes.  But sometimes a

Beach Baby

girl just wants to be a little bit Bad.  Stay tuned….

5. Build up an inventory.

     Yikes!  Who knew?  Could have sold tons more at Christmas and beyond if I had been prepared.

2012 – Will be a Yarny Year!




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  1. How do I get your yarn? There’s nothing in your Etsy shop! What are your colorways or are they always different? I just heard about you on the KnitGirllls podcast and loved the yarns Laura showed on show #93.

  2. Thanks so much Julie! The shop has been selling out within an hour or two so I’ve had a bit of trouble keeping up. Some like to look at the sold orders and then request a color. Others prefer to wait for a listing day, just to see what’s new.
    Just between you and me, the next listing day is Sunday, January 29th at 2pm EST. However, I’ve had so many requests, there’s a chance the listings will all be special orders. Hope I can add some open items!
    I need to check out the podcasts……they sound like fun!

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