Volunteering – Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Giving back.  It’s something we should all do.  Money, time, whatever.

     I volunteer for a variety of things, but mostly my kids’ school related stuff.  Volunteering makes me feel good.  Warms the cockles of my heart, though I’m not sure what a cockle is, exactly.

    I’m a can do kind of gal.  Give me a job, any project, and not only will it get done, I’ll take it to the next level.  Ratchet it up a notch. Ok, maybe 10 notches.

    But without the drama.  It will just get done.

    So here’s the problem – once you show your stuff, you are toast.    You make it look too easy, so clearly you need more to do.

    The General:  ” Hey, you seem to have that Food Bank project under control, how’s about heading up the March Fundraiser?”

    Me:  “What about Marjorie?”

   The General:  “Well, Marjorie is in charge of the Teacher Box Identification Progam.  She already has soooo much on her plate.  (Yeah, running that label maker can be a real drain.)

   Me: (Thinking) “Marjorie is an idiot.   All she does is whine and moan. ”  

    Bingo!  So who’s the idiot?

    Um, me. 

    So to  hell with the cockles.  Less efficiency, more bitchin’ and moanin’.  Thanks Marjorie.  You are the smart one.




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  1. Amen sister! I am so bad about over volunteering. How about when you spend 3-5 hours baking cookies for a bake sale and then they sell them for so cheap, it would have been more cost effective to GIVE THEM THE MONEY YOU SPENT ON SUPPLIES!!! I am not bitter. I am giving money next time though.

    • Yes Katiebell, I feel your pain! You are a Saint.
      I hear ya about giving money next time, but don’t believe you for a minute.
      Someone will ask you to do something and you will say “yes!” as always.
      Feel free to vent here any time.

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