Up until now I’ve dyed the same type of stripe – “Nice Girl Stripes“, about 1/2” (6 rows) wide. 

Devil With A Blue Dress On

     For those of you who have ever dyed self-striping yarn, you know the prewinding process can be a major pain in the patooshca.  

     And that’s assuming you have the room in your studio (house/apartment/doublewide) to even wrap around a couple (or 6) chairs at least 42 (84!) feet apart.

     I happen to have a really cool basement studio that is ginorous.  The family calls it  The LaBOREatory.  There’s all sorts of room to wrap loooong skeins of yarn, and store a gozillion jugs of various dyes.  Plus, my delightful better half installed a flat screen.  Now I can flip between Downton Abbey and the NFL. Yeah, I know, that’s just a bit strange. 

     Anyhoo, per my 5 Yarny Resolutions #4, I’ve decided to venture into new territory.  “Big Bad Stripes” have made their appearance, albeit briefly.  More to come on those.

Bad Kitty

     Also, the “She’s A Little Bit Odd Stripes” are in the works.  Ok, not anytime soon.  See 5 Yarny Resolutions #5.  But later.  Stay tuned.




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