Introducing: She’s A Little Bit Odd Stripes

                   A sneak preview….              

     As I’ve been saying, (and saying), up until now the stripes coming out of the Lollipop Lab have been even-steven, matchy-matchy, ok, about a half inch wide.  You know, I just didn’t want to make any of my dye colors mad at me for playing favorites. A girl’s gotta keep the peace.

Well, a couple of them (who shall remain nameless) pissed me off a while back, so all bets are off! 

     For those of you who like to live life on the wild side, I present the “She’s A Little Bit Odd Stripes”. 


   First up was a colorway that’s been on the to do list for a while.   Even had a cute name picked out.  But when the yarn came out of the dyepots, all that went out the window when I yelled, “Squee!”

     Actually, I shouted, “Holy Crap, that’s gorgeous!”, but Squee sounds better.  So Squee it is.

       REALLY want to keep one of these for myself.  Whoever gets one, please post pics somewhere.  8 rows Exciting Emerald, 4 rows Fetching Fuschia, 8 rows Adorable Aqua, 4 rows Pleasing Pink.

     Next up in the oddball section is Green A GoGo.  Can’t actually tell you what a GoGo is, but all I know is there’s a whole lotta bright green going on here.  8 rows Nifty Neon, 4 rows Vivid Verdigris, 8 rows Nifty Neon, 4 rows Tempting Teal.

     Oddballs unite!

Green A Gogo



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