Skunk Love

        So, while driving down a country road the other day, I hit a skunk.  Now I know you’re going to need a moment to REALLY ponder the significance of such an event.  Really.


      February is skunk mating season around these parts.  I know, I know, the thought of skunk fornication registers a 10 on your excitement meter.  Mine too.

     But here’s the problem – in their quest to get to the other side of the road for a night of skunk whoopee, those handsome, randy, male skunk-studs keep getting flattened.  We’re talking road kill every 500 feet.

     It’s a wonder the skunk population survives.  Unfortunately, they do.

     Anyhoo, having run over (and suffered the consequences of) my fair share of the odiferous critters, I’ve come to appreciate that, like all species, there are many variations of skunk.

     Some have stripes that are bright white, some close to yellow in hue.  Some have short hair, and others have glamorously long black and white locks.

     This has me to wondering – would it be inappropriate to request you spinners out there add some bodacious skunk fur to the yarn line up?

     Might be a market for it.  Just sayin’….


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