5 Signs that Spring is Right Around the Corner


1. The doves have started using my back porch like it’s their own personal pick up bar.  I keep telling them to “get a room”, but apparently PDA’s don’t seem to bother them.

      2.  The yard services have come through our neighborhood and scalped the trees.  Supposedly this helps them bloom better in a month or so.  For the moment, they just look embarrassed. 

3.  Skunk mating season is waning.  Booyah.  While the thought of Mama skunks now gestating the future generation of stink leaves me less than ecstatic, I am pleased to report fewer critter carcasses on the road.  Or not.

 4.  Allergies.  Nothing says Spring like snot flying out of your nose on a morning run.

 5.  I have a hankering to “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” while brandishing a ukulele. 


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