5 Reasons Why Self Striping Sock Yarn is the Bomb!

1.  No brainer knitting.

     Everyone needs a go to project for those times even minimal concentration isn’t possible. Anytime, anywhere, self-stripers are easy peasy!

2.  Detangling is a breeze.     



      Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.  Tangled yarn pretty much always calls for a margarita or three.  Yet, whenever your yarn is a hopeless mess, things go a whole lot easier when you know where the colors are headed.

3.  Because you can’t eat just one!

      Just when you think you’ve had enough of one color, there’s always a new one around the corner! Second sock syndrome? Not a problem with Little Miss Self Stripey.

 4.  You never go unnoticed.

     Self striping socks are always a conversation starter.  Bask in the ooh’s and aah’s every time your pants leg rides up.

5.  Because self striping socks just make your feet so darn happy!




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