No Time For Knitting – Part I

      I’m always envious when I read or hear about all you knitters with 10 WIPS (works in progress), massive stashes, hours of knitting time, and actual FO’s (finished objects).  To say it’s not happening for me is an understatement.

     Those of you who have children know what I am talking about.  Pre-children, visions of a whistle clean house, made from scratch dinners and Mom and Dad relaxing  in their comfy chairs every evening was my idea of how it should be.  While the children played at our feet,  Dad would be reading the paper and smoking his pipe (ok, that’s a bit much) and I would be happily knitting.  KNITTING!

     Of course, the reality is far different.  Virtually half my day is spent taxiing the he-children to school/football/baseball/basketball/golf/soccer/insert your sport of choice.

    The other half involves the feeding and watering of said he-children.  Did you know that if you stop feeding kids, even for an hour or two, they will cease to grow and will therefore remain under your roof forever and ever? 

     Ok, admittedly, it’s not as if I have NO time for knitting, just no uninterrupted time.  For example, this afghan pattern by Jared Flood, is gorgeous, and one I’ve been trying to knit on forever.  The difficulty level is moderately low, but when you have to rip out a row 4 times due to unending interruptions, it’s time to admit defeat.

     Oh sure, you say, can’t your kids fend for themselves sometimes?  Yeah, they can.  But when your teenager considers 2 cans of Chunky, a whole bag of Doritos, and 3 granola bars a predinner snack, and your little one blows up a bowl of Easy Mac in the microwave, it’s time for SuperMom to step in.

     So, until the Teen Unit and Wee Cruncher take flight from the nest, vanilla sock knitting will be the project du jour.  Yay for self striping!




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  1. Boy oh boy can I understand this week. I am an empty nester now, but this week I have (did I mention all week?) my two granddaughters age 4 & 5 1/2. Oh my gosh! How could I have forgotten how long it takes to do everything with little ones in the house? I have gotten very little of anything done, I just pass by my knitting bag looking at it longingly. I’m surprised I have had enough brain power left to spell this reply correctly:) Spend time with your family, the knitting will always be there.

  2. I feel your pains! I never envisioned how much time I would spend cleaning, much less that I would have no energy to knit, much less time! Most of my crafting, reading, cooking, gardening. etc, has gone down the tubes. Mine are 3 and 11 mo, so it seems like I am constantly feeding someone or changing a diaper, and have been for as long as I can remember!

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