No Time For Knitting – Part II

Those of you who are into sock knitting know that they are one of the most portable projects on the knitting planet.  For someone who is always on the go (see No Time For Knitting – Part I), vanilla sock knitting is a huge blessing.

I’ve knit many a pair of socks at endless, mind (and bohonkus) numbing baseball games.  Not even the persistent caterwauling from Big Bubba Redneck to his erstwhile progeny (“C’mon, Lil’ Bubba! Gitcha another homer!”) can mess up my simple stockinette. 

However, there is one knitting diversion that has brought a wee bit of excitement to my ho hum knitting life.  Balls!

Knitted Baseball

Knitted balls to be exact. I used this Oh Balls! pattern by Marcie Nishioka and modified it to knit baseballs.  For the entire team….  The pictures show the regular version and a felted one.  Both versions were greeted with equal exuberance and as you can see, well loved and used.

Felted Baseball

The knitted one was perfect for any indoor, non lamp breaking activities, and the heavier, felted one good for nailing unsuspecting victims upside the head as they made their way to the ballfield snack bar.  I’ve knitted a total of 16 of the little buggers this baseball season, and they’ve brought much happiness to some cute, freckle faced little boys!

Cute, freckle faced, little boy


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