Truly Scrumptious

Truly Scrumptious


Toot sweets sound like what they are
So do lolly’s in a lollipop jar
Gingerbread men have a gingerbread sound, we’ve found.

Sugar plum, cinnamon and lemon tart
Tell you what they are right from the start
And your name does the same for you.

By coincidence, truly scrumptious
You’re truly, truly scrumptious
Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait.

When you’re near us, it’s so delicious
Honest truly, you’re the answer to our wishes
Truly scrumptious though we may seem presumptuous
Never, never, ever go away.

Our hearts beat so unruly because we love you truly
Honest truly, we do!

5 rows Toot Sweets, 3 rows Liquorice,

5 rows Confection, 3 rows Liquorice,

5 rows Bon Bon, 3 rows Liquorice.

Also making their encore holiday appearance are  FaLaLaLaLa, The Wee Elves, Santa Baby, and Holly Jolly Christmas. Joining them will be all the Lollipop Yarn regulars who are eager to throw themselves on your needles!


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