5 Reasons Why I Need to Increase My Stash This Year

Ok, it seems there have been some destash rumblings going around for 2013.  If that’s really your resolution for this year, then bully for you! I, on the other hand, intend to enable myself wherever and whenever possible.  Here are the top 5 reasons I need more fiber this year…..


1.  Uh, confession time – I hardly have any stash at all. Yep. Practically bare. Other than a buttload of Lollipop Yarn inventory and a few WIPs, this is the extent of my stash.

2. Lots of Indie Dyers to support! Lovely people, fabulous yarns, what more needs to be said?

3. More time for knitting…..maybe.  The care and feeding of a growing family is a daily challenge, especially when your teenager is 6 ft tall, 200 pounds, and considers a Dominos Large Cheese an afternoon snack. I am hoping to teach he and the rest of the clan  to fend for themselves a bit more.  In addition, the elementary school that my youngest attends is wonderful.  However, if you even sneeze in their direction you are signed up for something. (See “Volunteering- Too Much of a Good Thing?“).  Hoping to teach THEM to fend for themselves as well.

4. More stash means more FOs! If I’m buying it, I’m knitting it.  Period!

5. Doesn’t my cabinet look a bit lonely?




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  1. Yes, it looks very sad and lonely and yet – so easy to keep organized. I need to knit from stash. . .but before I can do that – I need to know what I have in stash and where the heck it is!

    I applaud your efforts to sustain the indie dyer community this year.

  2. Wow! I wish I had that little amount of stash. Mine is much larger and I hope to mostly work from stash this year, but I do also hope to buy indie. I’ve yet to get my hands on your yarn, but this year I will!

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