You Are Not The Boss of Me

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There’s trouble afoot at the Lollipop Labs. Bad attitudes abound, as well as antics, shenanigans, and general all around high jinks.

You Are Not the Boss of Me
You Are Not the Boss of Me


Let’s start with You Are Not The Boss of Me.

She’s spunky and sassy, and not inclined to do anything you say – at least the first time around. Just accept the fact that you are not in control of this relationship and you’ll be fine.
You might also want to keep a box of chocolates nearby for bribery.
6 rows Backtalk Blue, 5 rows Smartmouth Mint, 6 rows Saucy Sangria, 5 rows Sassy Pants Seaweed, all intertwined with Bite Me Black

Wild Thing
Wild Thing


Next up is Wild Thing, a bold little ball who makes everything groovy. If you’re hoping to head out for a quite evening, you’ll probably find yourself dancing on the ceiling and partying ’til dawn.
She’s definitely got a bit of the bad girl in her, but put this yarn on your needles and she’ll make your heart sing!
4 rows Madcap Mango, 4 rows Crazy Charcoal, 4 rows Foolish Fuschia, 4 rows Crazy Charcoal, 4 rows Dotty Daffodil, 4 rows Crazy Charcoal

Up To No Good
Up To No Good


Short sheeting the bed and leaving a whoopee cushion on your chair is likely to give any girl a bad rep. Lucky for her she’s exceptionally pretty, and with 6 saturated stripes, she solemnly swears to knit up into a dazzling pair of socks.

5 rows Prank Purple, 5 rows Gag Green, 5 rows Mischievous Magenta, 5 rows Misbehavin’ Midnight, 5 rows Banter Blue

Essential Element
Essential Element


Finally – the voice of reason! This classic and classy ball tries her best to keep the rest of the Lollipop girls in line.
She’s complex and a wee bit brainy, but always reliably beautiful on your needles.

6 rows Oxygen, 2 rows Carbon, 6 rows Nitrogen, 2 rows Copper, 6 rows Hydrogen, 2 rows Zinc.




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    • Hi Kerri!
      Thanks for the inquiry! Your shop looks beautiful and so unique! For the most part, I have turned down all wholesale, just due to demand. You know how time consuming self striping can be!

      I have accepted a few small clients as it has been possible to squeeze them in. Can I keep you on a list as a possibility?

      Thanks so much!
      Lollipop Yarn

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