Walkin’ On Sunshine

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Walkin' On Sunshine
Walkin’ On Sunshine


She’s the brightest, most vivacious ball in the bunch! Little Miss Sunshine will cheer up your toes with her jaunty, eye popping stripes!

6 rows Tickle Me Pink, 6 rows Vibrant Violet, 6 rows Nifty Neon, 6 rows Daffodil, 6 rows Orange You Glad




Got stripes?  She’ll take you to school, and teach you all you need to know about self striping wizardry.

Go to the head of the class, and knit up 6 different greens and violets for a course in pure loveliness!

5 rows Violetta, 5 rows Inchworm, 5 rows Grape, 5 rows Chartreuse, 5 rows Deep Purple, 5 rows Kiwi

Whisker Lickin's
Whisker Lickin’s


She’s a fuzzy feline who’s quite sure of her charms.  With 6 different stripes, this little kitty will purrrr on your needles!

4 rows Catbox, 5 rows Furrball, 3 rows Pink Nose, 4 rows Hellcat, 5 rows Whisker, 3 rows Purr Pink

Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie



This girl is so adorable, the others flock to her like bees to a flower. 5 pastels surrounded by sweet cream make for the cutest little ball in the bouquet!

4 rows Honeydew, 2 rows Cream, 4 rows Beautiful Breeze, 2 rows Cream, 4 rows Lovely Lavender, 2 rows Cream, 4 rows Perky Pink, 2 rows Cream, 4 rows Pretty Peach, 2 rows Cream


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