Come On Baby, Light My Fire

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Holy smokes! She’s smoldering with good looks and personality, and just waiting to set your needles aglow. Knit her up into one warm brown stripe and another variegated incandescent stripe, and she’ll set the night on fire!

7 rows Kindling, 5 rows Hearth



Bursting with juicy goodness, this girl is ripe and ready to look luscious on your legs. Nine shades of berry will delight your senses and knit up into a tasty treat for your feet.

3 rows Blackberry, 2 rows Blueberry, 3 rows Blackberry, 3 rows Boysenberry, 2 rows Mulberry, 3 rows Boysenberry, 3 rows Beautyberry, 2 rows Raspberry, 3 rows Beautyberry

Great Googly Moogly
Great Googly Moogly



An explosion of self striping colors make up this glorious ball! Your friends will ooh and ah, and your feet will thank you when you knit up some socks in these rainbow colors!

5 rows Red, 5 rows Orange, 5 rows Yellow, 5 rows Green, 5 rows Blue, 5 rows Purple




This soft and shy one wants nothing more than to snuggle up to your needles. Oh, and maybe a tiny piece of cheese. She’ll knit up into subtle shades of twilight gray.

8 rows Quiver, 4 rows Whisker, 8 rows Fur, 4 rows Whisker

Mood Ring
Mood Ring




She feels deeply and her moon is always in the 7th house. This is the dawning of the age of self stripyness, and this girl’s aura totally depends on you!

9 rows Delight, 3 rows Invigorating, 3 rows Lively, 3 rows Pleasure, 3 rows Elation, 3 rows Euphoria


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