Color Addiction

Shop update Sunday, August 11th at 7pm Eastern!

Color Addiction
Color Addiction


This ball may be a bit spoiled and high maintenance but she always gets what she wants.  She can usually be seen on the arm of a Sugar Daddy, and diamonds are her best friend.

Her motto is “Nothing in Moderation!”

5 rows Shopping, 5 rows Margarita, 5 rows Fiber, 5 rows Shoes, 5 rows Vacation, 5 rows Chocolate, 5 rows Money, 5 rows Bon Bons

(and congrats to AmyLou712 for her winning entry to name this colorway!)

Life is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful


Yes, the beautiful one is back in all her glory!  Despite being in hot demand, she has remained humble and will lift up your spirits with her laughter and vitality.

5 rows Health, 5 rows Happiness, 5 rows Prosperity, 5 rows Love, 5 rows Friendship, 5 rows Blessings, 5 rows Laughter, 5 rows Vitality



She’ll have her way with your needles and make you feel like she’s doing you a favor all the while!

5 rows Tease, 3 rows Raven, 5 rows Vamp, 3 rows Raven, 5 rows Bewitching, 3 rows Raven

Fall Fling
Fall Fling




In need of a little afternoon delight?  Schedule a rendezvous with this heartbreaker!

6 rows Tart, 6 rows Brunette, 6 rows Blonde, 6 rows Wench, 6 rows Auburn



This wildly uninhibited foursome got together for a shindig. They drank a little too much moonshine, so watch out!

6 rows Git Me Green, 6 rows Yella, 6 rows Bless Your Heart Blue, 6 rows Purdy in Pink

Pinky Promise
Pinky Promise



She solemnly swears to be soft, sweet and look gorgeous on your feet!

FYI: The pink stripe has a few darker pink spots where the dye broke.  Price has been adjusted accordingly.

8 rows Keep a Secret Soot, 8 rows My Pledge Pink, 8 rows I Swear Smoke




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  1. Do you do custom orders? I was online on line on time but by the time it updated Everything was gone 🙂



    • Hi Nancy!

      I just got your message – somehow the blog doesn’t notify me, sorry about that!

      I try to do custom orders for everyone who asks if I possibly can. Let me know what you need and we’ll go from there!

      Lollipop Yarn

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