Autumn Anarchy

Next shop update Sunday, September 22nd at 7pm Eastern!

Autumn Anarchy
Autumn Anarchy


Rise up and shout, ” I’m tired of summer, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

If you are ready for cozy cardigans, crisp weather, and waiting for The Great Pumpkin, grab this rebellious little ball!

6 rows each of Insubordination, Defiance, Mob Rule, Rebellion, Riot, all surrounded by 2 rows Sassy. Mini Me in Sassy

Lavender Dreams
Lavender Dreams


Sweet dreams are made of this lovely little ball. Soothing stripes and a coordinating heel/toe in lavender will send you into a deep and satisfying slumber.

8 rows Catnap, 8 rows Slumber, 8 rows Zzzzzz. Mini Me in Catnap

Ain't Misbehavin'
Ain’t Misbehavin’


A little bit flirty, and a whole lotta fun, this girl will knit up for some naughty, stripey socks with a beautifully coordinating heel/toe.  Don’t let her good looks fool you; she’s got a bit of a wild streak in her!

9 rows Sinful Sangria, 3 rows Mischievous Midnight, 9 rows Giddy Grasshopper, 3 rows Mischievous Midnight. Mini Me in Mischievous Midnight



It’s a marvelous night for some fall knitting and this fantabulous colorway will make your night magic!

10 rows Moonlight, 10 rows Magic, 4 rows Harvest. Mini Me in Harvest

Fall Fling
Fall Fling



Schedule a rendezvous with this gorgeous girl. She’s warm and cuddly and loves snuggling up on the couch with your feet.

6 rows each of Tart, Brunette, Blonde, Wench, Auburn

Color Addiction
Color Addiction



This ball may be a little spoiled and high maintenance but she always gets what she wants.  She can usually be seen on the arm of a Sugar Daddy, and diamonds are her best friend.

Her motto is “Nothing in moderation!”

5 rows each of Shopping, Margarita, Fiber, Shoes, Vacation, Chocolate, Money, Bon Bons

Last chance to enter the Witchy Women Contest – the cauldron closes at midnight tonight!

Witchy Woman
Witchy Woman



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  1. These are beautiful. I’m trying to stay strong. I just keep telling my self I’m on a yarn probation.

    I’ll be in touch.

    ~Youlanda~ Sent from my iPhone


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