Peacock on the Loose

Next update Sunday, November 3rd at 7pm Eastern!

Peacock on the LoosePEACOCK ON THE LOOSE

Well, the Lollipop girls TRIED to reign her in, but sometimes you gotta know when to say when!

Yep, Miss Peacock goes on a little bender now and then. Rumor has it she’s taken up with the local Lothario who hangs around down by the creek, but that’s between you and me and the lamp post. Catch her if you can!

6 rows Strut, 6 rows Sashay, 6 rows Show Off, 6 rows Don’t Fence Me In.  Mini Me in Show Off


It’s a marvelous night for some fall knitting and this fantabulous colorway will make your night magic!

10 rows Moonlight, 10 rows Magic, 4 rows Harvest. Mini Me in Harvest.

Be Merry!.


Ho Ho Ho! This girl is an absolute Christmas lover!

As soon as the last Trick Or Treater leaves the yard, she’s ready to go with decorations, cookies, shopping, and a bit too much eggnog!

The Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas is her Saturday night Must See TV.

6 rows Holly, 6 rows Jolly, 6 rows Ho Ho Ho

SasquatchSASQUATCH Sas-quatch [sas-kwatch]. Noun. Also known as Big Foot, Woodbooger, Knobby, Skunk Ape, Wassum Cat.

The domesticated Squatch is often seen standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open in search of grub.

6 rows Big Foot Black, 6 rows Woodbooger Brown, 6 rows Hairy Beast, 6 rows Knobby Nubuck Sweet Child O'Mine



This ball is a bit rebellious and sports some serious ink. Yet, this heavy metal girl has a vulnerable side that will make your heart melt.

Where does she go now? Why, on your needles of course!

6 rows Bad Boy Blue, 6 rows Punk Girl Purple, 6 rows Heavy Metal Magenta, all surrounded by 4 rows Hard Rock

Life is BeautfiulLIFE IS BEAUTIFUL

Ciao bella! Eight lively and uplifting stripes will accompany you on your journey through a world of fibery enlightenment and understanding.

5 rows each of Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, Friendship, Blessings, Laughter, Vitality

Pinky Promise.


This little ball solemnly swears she’s soft, sweet, and will look gorgeous on your feet!

8 rows Keep a Secret Soot, 8 rows My Pledge Pink, 8 rows I Swear Smoke




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