Flash Mob

Shop update Sunday, November 17th at 7pm Eastern! http://www.lollipopyarn.etsy.com

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Join the Lollipolooza KAL which begins Sunday, November 17th and goes through December 31st!  Featuring the release of the Fruit Stripe Gum Socks pattern by Leah Oakley.  Details in the Lollipop Yarn group on Ravelry!


Just when you thought it was safe to grouch and Grinch your way through the hectic holiday season and crowds, this covert group of stripes will surprise and delight you with an impromptu show.

Grab her fast before she goes viral!

9 rows Hashtag, 3 rows Random, 3 rows Crowd, 3 rows Performance, 3 rows Assembly, 3 rows Surprise, 3 rows Improv, 3 rows Public


Nine festive stripes got together to go a-caroling! Silver Bells, White Christmas, and Deck the Halls could be heard in perfect 4 part harmony.

A cozy fire, a little Bing Crosby,  a hefty dose of eggnog, and some size 1 needles will spread some squishy tidings and good cheer!

6 rows Pointsettia, 4 rows Evergreen, 3 rows Grinch, 6 rows Cranberry, 4 rows Fir, 3 rows Conifer, 6 rows Garnet, 4 rows Pine, 3 rows Elf


“My pillow and I both agree, there must be some needles somewhere to knit this little ball up for me.

I hope I’m right.

I’d better be right.

There must be a pillow-talkin’ ball for me!”

6 rows Passionate Pink, 6 rows Mad About You Mist, 6 rows Sweetie Pie, 6 rows Amorous Ash


Bursting with juicy goodness, this girl is ripe and ready to look luscious!  Nine shades of berry will delight your senses and knit up into a tasty treat for your feet.

3 rows Blackberry, 2 rows Blueberry, 3 rows Blackberry, 3 rows Mulberry, 2 rows Boysenberry, 3 rows Mulberry, 3 rows Beautyberry, 2 rows Raspberry, 3 rows Beautyberry


She can dance, she can jive, and she’s having the time of her life!  Six flashy stripes will put you in the mood for dance. And when you get the chance – dig this Dancing Queen!

5 rows each of Valley Girl, Slam Dance, Tubular, Spazz, Preppie, Wannabe


She’s a “witchy woman” with raven hair and ruby lips.  She’ll hold you spellbound with her stripy beauty and dance the night away on your needles.

5 rows each of Rouge, Kohl, Carmine, Raven, Ruby, Shadow




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