Stash Update

Ok, so last year at this time I made a New Year’s Resolution to increase my pitiful stash situation.

January 2013 Pathetic....
January 2013 Pathetic….

The picture above says it all. Yep, hard to believe, but true. Y’all would like to think there’s a ton of little Lollipop Yarn balls hanging around waiting to party in the New Year, but they all fly out of the nest shortly after birth!

The plan, at least, was to put some change into other indie dyer pockets and enjoy some stash enhancement for the sheer joy of it.  Well,  I just didn’t quite get there. Better, but still not acceptable.

2013 Year End
2013 Year End

The goal for 2014 is to have those shelves packed full and overflowing.  Unwind Yarn Company, Gynx Yarns, Another Crafty Girl, Miss Babbs, Gnomeacres, Plucky Knitter, Fibernymph, Hiwassee Creek, Gale’s Art, Must Stash, Kirby Wirby, Desert Vista Dyeworks, Marigold Jen, Leading Men Fiber Arts, Neighborhood Fibers… watch out! The Lollipop Yarn 2014 Year of Stash Enhancement has begun!

** For any of you who took the time to read this pathetic little confession to the end…. thank you! And here’s a little present: There will be a  Super Secret Small Shop Update tonight, December 29th at 7pm Eastern! This blog post is the ONLY place it is being announced. Brand new color ways, as well as some recent friends will be waiting.**





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    • Yes! The update was on the regular site at 7pm Eastern. So sorry you weren’t able to catch it! Things sold out in about 45 seconds, unfortunately. The next regular update is January 12th. Check out the Ravelry Group for occasional sneak updates!

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