Love is in the Air

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It’s that time of year – valentines, chocolate, jewelry, and just general all around amour.  Love is in the air my friends, and the Lollipop Girls are ready for romance.

Gimme Some Lovin'GIMME SOME LOVIN’

She’s so glad you made it; so glad you are going to knit her up. You got to give her some lovin’ every day!

3 rows Romance, 3 rows Wink, 3 rows Kiss, all surrounded by 5 rows Booty

Kiss Me.


This girl’s ready for some snogging!  Four smoochilicious colors make up this blushing beauty with a matching Mini Me that’s sure to bring some romance to your feet.

6 rows each of Smooch, Lip Lock, SWAK, Lipstick. Mini Me in Lipstick.



This passionate ball wants to schedule a tryst with your feet.

8 rows each of Romantic Red, After Midnight, Grope Me Gray

Pillow Talk.



My pillow and I, both agree, there must be some needles somewhere to knit this little ball up for me.

I hope I’m right.

I’d better be right.

Oh, there must be a pillow-talking ball for me.”

6 rows each of Passionate Pink, Mad About You Mist, Sweetie Pie, Amorous Ash.  Mini Me in Passionate Pink.


Cousins, rejoice!  All the drama, shenanigans, love, luncheons and Maggie Smithisms are back! Unfortunately, (or fortunately for all you haters) Matthew is not.

None the less, we must all keep a stiff upper lip and all that, and chive on.  So grab a cuppa, a remote, and your needles and settle down for a delightfully dramatic Season 4.

6 rows each of Upstairs, Downstairs, Masterpiece, Crawley, Grantham


Friendship – worth it’s weight in gold…or fiber.  This loyal ball is made up of 8 nuanced stripes that blend together for the perfect relationship.  She’s always there for you, strong when you need her to be, and with a soft shoulder to cry on once in a while.

5 rows each of Harmony, Kindness, Concern, High Jinks, Loyalty, Laughter, Sympathy, Knitting

Dust in the WindDUST IN THE WIND

Close your eyes, only for a moment and these soft and subdued neutrals will be knit up and on your feet before the moment’s gone.

8 rows Ash, 4 rows Sand, 8 rows Ash, 4 rows Powder. Mini Me in Sand.

Vintage Vibe
Vintage Vibe


A bit retro, a bit hip, and a whole lotta good lookin’, Vintage Vibe is the Bees Knees! Five nostalgic stripes, each surrounded by Iron Black, make for a splendid pair of socks!

4 rows each of Olive, Glass, Sepia, Soft Blue, Terra Cotta, each surrounded by 2 rows Iron







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  1. I opened my email, today, Monday, and was excitedly making my list of the colorways that I was going to try to purchase, despite my pledge of no yarn purchases until some stash is used, and then… realized that the update was YESTERDAY! Argh!!

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