Purple Power

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Purple Power!

Well, the Lollipop Girls were caught skinny dipping in a Vat O’ Violet last Tuesday.  Not sure what got into them, but a few empty bottles of  Boone’s Farm were found scattered about. Thusly, we present to you this week’s offerings.  Power to the Purple!


Jam Up and Jelly TightJAM UP AND JELLY TIGHT

This berrylicious girl looks a little naughty but she’s so polite. Sweet, juicy, and scrumpdillyicious this self striper is outta sight!

8 rows Grape, 4 rows Blackberry, 8 rows Boysenberry, 4 rows Blackberry

Lilac Attack.


A blast of luscious lilac overtook the Lollipop Labs! After much sweet talking, the other Lollipop gals fell under her fragrant spell and allowed this charmingly striped lass to go to the head of the class.

12 rows Lilac, 3 rows Mist, 12 rows Lilac, 3 rows Drizzle

Purple Pizzazz.


Shocking, isn’t she? This little ball isn’t  afraid to stand up for your feet.

8 rows Booty Black, 4 rows Vivacious Violet, 8 rows Booty Black, 4 rows Punch Purple

Ain't She Sweet.



She’s pretty as a picture, and the darling of the Lollipop crew.  Displaying the loveliest of greens and purples, this young lady has good manners and good looks too.

Yes, if you ask me very confidentially, she’s one self striping cutie pie!

8 rows Kiwi, 4 rows Precious, 8 rows Concord, 4 rows Precious

Lavender Dreams
Lavender Dreams


Sweet dreams are made of this lovely little ball. Soothing stripes and a coordinating heel/toe in lavender will send you into a deep and satisfying slumber.

8 rows Catnap, 8 rows Slumber, 8 rows Zzzzzz. Mini Me in Catnap



Ok, so not EVERYONE is passionate for purple, though one might wonder about the character of said violet haters. Also incoming to the Lollipop Resort and Spa are two natural beauties and one super duper eye popping girl that got lost on the way to Bonnaroo.  Without further ado….


The Long and Winding RoadTHE LONG AND WINDING ROAD

Take the road less traveled with this nature loving little ball. Six different outdoorsy hues make for a free and easy pair of socks that will lead you to self striping happiness!

5 rows each of Pavement, Sand, Forest, Gravel, Earth, Pine



Thoughtful and grounded, this ball is a lover of the great outdoors. She’s pretty much off the grid, and texting, Facebook, and Pinterest might as well be terms for new species of fish.

No showy hues here, just some environmentally sustainable shades of blue and and green.

5 rows Lichen, 5 rows Moss, 5 rows Algae, all surrounded by 3 rows Creek



This fresh faced girl is a bit of a klutz. She’s charming, bright, and funny, but with a tendency to fall down at regular intervals.

6 rows each of Kooky, Goofy, Boo Boo, Bonkers, Dingbat




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