C’mon Get Happy!

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C'mon Get HappyC’mon Get Happy!

Hello world, there’s a squishy ball ready for knitting.Flower Power
C’mon get happy!
A whole lotta self striping is what she’ll be bringing.
She’ll make you happy!
She’ll make you happy.

12 rows Partridge, 3 rows each of Peace, Love, Groovy, Flower Power

Color AddictionColor Addiction

This ball may be a little spoiled and high maintenance, but she always gets what she wants. She can usually be seen on the arm of a Sugar Daddy, and diamonds are her best friend.
Her motto is “Nothing in Moderations!”

5 rows each of Shopping, Margarita, Yarn, Shoes, Vacation, Chocolate, Money, Bon Bons

Blue Skies.

Blue Skies

Three shades of a blue, smiling at me.
Nothing but blue stripes will you see.
All your blue days will be gone.
Nothing but blue stripes, from now on.

5 rows Azure, 5 rows Celestial, 5 rows Wild Blue Yonder, all surrounded by 3 rows Cloud

Lazy Day.

Lazy Day

Swing in the hammock, read a book, or just nod off for a bit with this sunny afternoon hued ball.

6 rows each of Grasshopper, Sky, Hammock, Blossom, Hay

Hanky Panky.


Hanky Panky

This amorous little ball has romance on her mind. She’s always up for a good time – let her seduce your feet with squishy bright stripes and a matching Mini Me.

8 rows Fervent Fuchsia, 8 rows Lusty Leaf, 8 rows Romantic Raven. Mini Me in Fervent Fuchsia.

Sand Dune.

Sand Dune

Feel the sand between your toes with this soft beachy little ball. Four different beige hues interspersed with cream make for some sandy, stripy socks!

4 rows each of Tan, Buff, Drift, Biscuit, all surrounded by 2 rows Foam


There’s not a serious bone in this little ball of fun and frolic! Self striping happiness abounds in 6 rows each of Gleeful Green, Blissful Blue, Perky Purple, and Tickled Pink. Mini Me in Gleeful Green.







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  1. I love the colors you had in this weeks post. Wow, how fast it goes! I was on immediately at 6:00. Before I could go through the paying part. It was sold out.

    I do have a couple of questions please. Why is there the ball fox the solid color in with the varigated. Also, for the other yarn I was wondering if you could tell me again how to do the criss-croed s pattern of the body of the trunk. I have one to have gr

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Mary Lynn!

      Not sure what you are asking…all the Lollipop Yarns are self striping. And which pattern are you talking about? If you can tell me the color way I can figure it out.


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