Watercolor Memories

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Watercolor Memories

Watercolor Memories

This colorful stripy girl got caught up in the rain. After dancing around under the umbrella, she decided to do some puddle jumping and emerged fresh faced and ready for your needles.

5 rows each or Rosy, Gerbera, Sunbeam, Sprout, Shower, Lilac


Baby I'm YoursBaby I’m Yours

 A bewitchingly beautiful blue, she’s all yours,
until the stars fall from the sky.
Yours, until the Lollipop inventory
runs dry.

14 rows Lovebug, 3 rows Dreamy, 4 rows Sandman, 3 rows Dreamy. Mini Me in Sandman

Whoomp! There it IsWhoomp! There it Is

The olives and browns were getting together to plan their latest colorway collaboration when all of a sudden, the most voluptuous vixen in the valley sauntered in.  Hottie Boombalottie,  ever the diva,  was feeling a little overlooked and under pampered.

After a few dramatic tears, the easy going naturals gave in and allowed Miss Hottie to contribute a bit of shazam to the design.

I think you’ll agree, the resulting mash up is delightful!

10 rows Grass Roots, 10 rows Down to Earth, 4 rows Hoochie Mama.  Mini Me in Hoochie Mama.

Walkin' On Sunshine


Walkin’ on Sunshine

She’s the brightest, most vivacious ball in the bunch!  Little Miss Sunshine will cheer up your toes with her jaunty, eye popping stripes.

5 rows each of Tickle Me Pink, Vibrant Violet, Bouncy Blue, Nifty Neon, Daffodil, Orange You Glad



Mew. Soft, sweet, and ready to purr on your needles.

8 rows Whisker, 4 rows Milk, 8 rows Tiger Tan, 4 rows Milk

I'm Your Huckleberry.


I’m Your Huckleberry

She’s your willing sidekick, always ready for an adventure or to be your second. The Louise to your Thelma, the Yang to your Yin, this girl’s hoping to be a friend to your needles.

8 rows Best Friend, 8 rows Ally, 8 rows Partner

Spring Fancy


Spring Fancy

Finally! It’s time to break out of the winter blahs and celebrate the season of fresh starts. Four playful pastels surrounded by spritely silver are ready for a fibery frolic on your needles!

4 rows In the Pink, 4 rows Iris, 4 rows Bluebell, 4 rows Melon, all surrounded by 12 rows Whispering Wind.



– worth it’s weight in gold. This lovely ball is made up of 8 nuanced stripes that blend together for the perfect relationship.  She’s always there for you; strong when you need her to be, and with a soft shoulder to cry on. BFF.

5 rows each of Harmony, Kindness, Concern, Sympathy, Loyalty, Laughter, Knitting, High Jinks










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