Garden Party

Garden PartyNext shop update May 11th at 7pm Eastern!


April 27th Preview:

Garden PartyGarden Party

Break out your festive hat and gauzy dress for a summery soiree that is sure to be the talk of the town. A palette of 8 lovely floral stripes will enchant the guests and charm your toes!

5 rows each of Iris, Cabbage Rose, Bluebell, Sprout, Gerbera, Daffodil, Hydrangea, Leaf

Pretty PawsPretty Paws

Meow!  This fluffy one is a poser – Miss Kitty knows she’s beautiful and makes sure you know it too.  She’s the boss of you and doesn’t take no for an answer when it’s time for lap sitting.

Knit this girl up in some stripy socks ….or not. She shall be adored, just as she is.Cat

5 rows Whisker, 5 rows Bad Kitty, 5 rows Catbox, all surrounded by 3 rows Milk

Beach BabyBeach Baby

Grab a mojito and some sunscreen. These cool colors are headed South!

8 rows Sky, 8 rows Seaweed, 8 rows Seabreeze

Beach Baby

Sentimental JourneySentimental Journey

“Gonna take a Sentimental Journey
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a Sentimental JOurney
To renew old memories”

6 rows each of Sweet Silver, Wistful Willow, Softhearted Sand, Pale Pink

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues.


I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues

This exquisite ball is feeling a bit blue these days. She has time on her hands that could be time spent with you.

6 rows each of Melancholy Midnight, Lover Come Back, It’s Over Indigo, Break up Blue

Wild ThingWild Thing

She’ll make your heart sing!

3 rows Madcap Madcap Mango, 3 rows Foolish Fuchsia, 3 rows Dotty Daffodil, all surrounded by 5 rows Crazy CharcoalWild Thing

Urban Myth 1 (2)



Urban Myth

It’s an urban myth that knitting really only consists of two stitches – knit and purl. Or is it? Either way, socks knit up with this Indie Girl are sure to be true to your toes.

7 rows Grunge, 7 rows Heavy Metal, 7 rows Grass Roots, all surrounded by 3 rows Hipster





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  1. Hi Joan,
    Not quick enough tonight to get a skein of Garden Party. I just love those beautiful pastels. If you ever do another batch, keep me in mind.
    Take Care,
    Pam Dunn

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