Do It In Public

Next shop update Sunday, June 22nd at 7pm Eastern.

June 1st Preview:

World Wide Knit in Public Day (Week) starts June 14th and goes through June 22nd.  Socks are the perfect on-the-go project and what could be more of a conversation piece than some self stripers?Knitting in Public
The following color ways are available for Pre Order and will shipped within 5 days. We will be back to regular updates with lots of brand new color ways (and some old favs) on June 22nd!


Yarn Bomb Pre OrderYarn Bomb

Let the bombing begin! You never know where she’ll turn up – but this vibrant self striper just has to express herself!

Ten colorful stripes are waiting for YOU to knit up some graffiti for your feet.

4 rows each Beauty, Joy, Color, Texture, Graffiti, Knitfiti, Guerilla Knitter, Covert, Street Art, Yarn Storm


Yarn Bomb 4

Rockin' in the USARockin’ in the USA

Let your freak flag fly with these groovy patriotic stripers! Celebrate the 4th or cheer on the US Men and Women in the World Cup. Either way, you’ll be giving the Red, White, and Blue a big salute!

9 rows Yankee Doodle, 3 rows Rocket’s Red Glare, 3 rows Liberty, 3 rows Rocket’s Red Glare, 3 rows Liberty, 3 rows Rocket’s Red Glare

L'eau Bleue Pre OrderL’eau Bleue

Back by popular demand is the lovely une petite L’eau Bleue. A portrait in shades of blue green, she’s tres’ tranquille, but with a depth and beauty that will delight your feet. N’est-ce pas?

8 rows Bleue-Vert, 8 rows Sarcelle, 8 rows Turquoise

Great Googly Moogly.

Great Googly Moogly

An explosion of self striping color makes up this glorious ball! Your friends will ooh and ah, and your feet will thank you when you knit up some socks in these rainbow colors!

5 rows each Colors of the Rainbow








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  1. Hello, I would like to pre order Great Googly Moogly. Please let me know how a pre-order works. Thank you, Karol

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Florence,

      Thanks for checking in! The Pre Orders will go up Sunday, June 1st at 7pm Eastern. Click on the Great Googly Moogly picture and purchase as usual. All orders will go out this coming Friday.

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