Carolina in My Mind

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Carolina in my MindCarolina In My Mind

This has been the summer of travel and many trips involved early morning jaunts through the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

North Carolina Mountains Oh, be still my heart.

A gentle fog, green peaks and valleys, and a fresh lavender sky. Nothing but the hum of the car engine and quiet thoughts that gently appear and slip away. Peace. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning.

4 rows each Verdant, Leafy, Morning, Fresh, Calm, Tranquil

Seasons of LoveIndian Summer

Long, lazy afternoons – reading, swinging in the hammock, cooking out. The colors are beginning to turn, but summer gives it one last shot before acquiescing to the crisp, cool fall air.

Time to dream…time to plan all the fall sweaters you’ll knit!

Indian_Summer_465166558 5 rows Pumpkin Spice, 5 rows Saffron, 5 rows Moss, 5 rows Blue Ridge, 5 rows Woodpile

Baby I'm YoursBaby I’m Yours

“A bewitchingly beautiful blue, She’s all yours Until the stars fall from the sky.

Yours, until the Lollipop inventory runs dry.”

14 rows Lovebug, 3 rows Dreamy, 4 rows Sandman, 3 rows Dreamy. Mini Me in Sandman

Pillow TalkPillow Talk

“My pillow and I both agree, there must be some needles somewhere to knit this little ball up for me.

I hope I’m right.

I’d better be right.

There must be a pillow-talking ball for me.”

6 rows Passionate Pink, 6 rows Mad About You Mist, 6 rows Sweetie Pie, 6 rows Amorous Ash. Mini Me in Passionate Pink


“It starts in your toes and your self striping rows
Wherever it goes, you’ll always know
That she’ll make you smile,
please knit for a while now
Just bring her along, wherever you go.

5 rows each Laugh, Grin, Chuckle, Glee, Happiness, Delight, Bliss, Cheer Snoopy prissyPrissy

Don’t even think about getting your toes dirty with this prim and proper girl. She likes everything “just so” and can be quite persnickety about manners and etiquette.

A recent graduate of Cotillion, Miss Priss likes to wear a twirly skirt and is know to spend hours on her hair and makeup. Expect to drop some serious cash on spa appointments.

13 rows Prim Pink, 4 rows Cream, 3 rows Straight Laced Sand, 4 rows Cream Flash Mob Pre Order.

Flash Mob

This covert group of stripes will surprise and delight you with an impromptu show. Get them fast before they go viral!

9 rows Hashtag, 3 rows each of Random, Crowd, Performance, Assembly, Surprise, Improv, Public



. Tranquility

Take a slow deep breath and bask in the soothing hues of this lovely ball.

No drama here, just a peaceful easy feeling, and some stripes that won’t ever let you down!

8 rows Restful, 8 rows Calm, 8 rows Serene


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  1. Hi,

    Just got your blog post via email. I’d love to pre-order a skein of Baby I’m Yours.

    I’ve tried so many times to pre-order or order your yarn and no matter what I do or how quickly I contact you, it’s either already sold out or I don’t hear back.

    So how do I order your lovely yarn?

    Thank you,
    Shirley Kaiser

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