Wild Thing

Next update Sunday, August 31st, at 7pm Eastern!


August 3rd Preview.

Wild ThingWild Thing

She’ll make your heart sing!  And with a matching heel/toe, she’ll make everything groovy.

3 rows each Madcap Mango, Foolish Fuchsia, Dotty Daffodil, all surrounded by 5 rows Crazy Charcoal. Mini Me in Madcap Mango

Vintage Vibe.

Vintage Vibe

A bit retro, a bit hip, and a whole lotta good lookin’, Vintage Vibe is the bees knees!  Five nostalgic stripes, each surrounded by iron black, make for a splendid pair of socks.

4 rows each Olive, Glass, Sepia, Soft Blue, Terra Cotta, all surrounded by 2 rows Iron.  Mini Me in Iron

Rolling in the Deep.

Rolling in the Deep

You sure can have it all with this gorgeous self striping bombshell!  Made up of 6 different blues and greens, this squishy little ball has your back.

5 rows each True Blue, Algae, Pacific, Kelp, Tidepool, Under the Sea. Mini Me in True Blue

Color Addiction.

Color Addiction

This ball may be a little spoiled and high maintenance, but she always gets what she wants.

She can usually be seen on the arm of a Sugar Daddy, and diamonds are her best friend.

He motto is “Nothing in Moderations!”

5 rows each Shopping, Margarita, Yarn, Shoes, Vacation, Chocolate, Money, Bon Bons

Bite MeBite Me

This is one tough girl with some unusual tats, but she will stand up for you in some lovely self stripers!

Knit her up and she’s loyal forever!

5 rows each Kick Ass Kiwi, Temperamental Turquoise, Mad Melon, all surrounded by 5 rows Bite Me Black.

Jam Up and Jelly Tight.

Jam Up and Jelly Tight

This berrylicious; girl looks a little naughty, but she’s so polite.

Sweet, juicy, and scrumpdillyicious, this self striper is out of sight!

8 rows Grape, 4 rows Blackberry, 8 rows Boysenberry, 4 rows Blackberry

A River Runs Through It.

A River Runs Through It

Thoughtful and grounded, this little ball is a lover of the great outdoors.

She’s pretty much off the grid – texting, Facebook and Pinterest might as well be terms for a new species of fish.

No showy hues here, just some  environmentally sustainable shades of blue and green.

5 rows each of Lichen, Moss, Algae, all surrounded by 3 rows Creek

Sweet Child O'MineSweet Child O’ Mine

This ball is a bit rebellious and sports some serious ink.  Yet, this heavy metal girl has a vulnerable side that will make your heart melt.

Where does she go now?  Why, on your needles of course!

6 rows each Bad Boy Blue, Punk Girl Purple, Heavy Metal Magenta, surrounded by 4 rows Hard Rock

Some Kind of WonderfulSome Kind of Wonderful

A little loopy, a little sane.  A little bit colorful, a little bit gray.

Either way, she’s some kind of wonderful and she’ll know how to treat you right.

12 rows Silver, 2 rows each Soot, Grass, Ice Blue, Iris, Soot



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