Where’s the Beef?

Next shop update Sunday, September 21st, at 7pm Eastern. Lollipop Yarn

August 31st Preview:

Where's the beef 2

Introducing, “Beefcake”, the new Lollipop Yarn sock base with a little more Oomph! A springy, 3 ply, heavier fingering weight, Beefcake is 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, and knits up at 7 stitiches on a US 2 needle.        Beefcake

All Beefcake colorways will go up for sale 15 minutes after the regular update!  So be ready on Sunday, August 31st at 7:15pm Eastern!

To celebrate, we’re also introducing a brand new sock pattern Twisted Breeze by Leah Oakley.

Twisted Breeze

This easy, breezy pattern comes with options for Swirls or Zig Zags, and includes 4 different sizes.  It will release on 8/31 at 7pm Eastern, and be offered for FREE through 9/6.


Kodachrome       (available in both Traditional weight and Beefcake)

She’s Miss Photogenic, and will color your world in 10 delightfully hypnotic hues.

4 rows each Colors of the Rainbow

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.


Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound   (available in both Traditional weight and Beefcake)Whiskey

This dude is so good looking, he can charm the stitches off your needles.  Occasionally though, he and the boys head out to the old dive bar for beers, pool, and some good ol’ country songs.

6 rows each Trouble, Shenanigans, Rowdy, Bad to the Bone, all surrounded by 4 rows Bourbon.  Mini Me in Bad to the Bone


Breakers    (available in Beefcake)

The most refreshing ball in the bay, Breakers is made up of soft, subtle, blues and blue greens that are sure to refresh your feet.

5 rows each Surf, Wave, Foam, Swell, Tide, Surge, Sea, Ocean

Autumn Amore.

Autumn Amore     (available in both Traditional weight and Beefcake)

Meet Miss September.  She loves hayrides, jumping in big piles of freshly raked leaves, and waiting for the Great Pumpkin.Autumn Amore 2

6 rows each Red Delicious, Spice, Amber, Granny Smith, Bark

Deep Purple Dream.

Deep Purple Dream    (available in Traditional weight)
“When the deep purple falls
and your needles come to call
then your stitches begin to whisper with a sigh.
And as long as your heart will beat
sweet fiber, we’ll always meet
Here in my deep purple dreams.”

4 rows each Plummy, Mauvin, Plurple, Grapple, all surrounded by 6 rows Twilight.   Mini Me in Plurple


HH PreOrderHappy Howloween    (available in Traditional weight)


5 rows each Zombie, Slime, Great Pumpkin, all surrounded by 3 rows Vampira.  Mini Me Vampira

Happy Howloween Pre Orders will ship in 1 week!




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  1. Hello, I’ve just discovered your yarn. Lovely. I noted your Boo sock indicates that it can be pre-ordered. I assume the pre-order option was available on the 8/31 update. I would LOVE to order some. If there is an alternate way to pre-order, I’d be pleased to know it. If not, I’ll just wait until your next update. Thanks much.

    • Hi Becky,

      Yes, Happy Howloween was a Pre Order from the last update. Some other terrific Halloween and Fall colorways will be available for the update on the 21st, including Mistress of the Dark, Witchy Woman, Moondance, and Falling in Love.

      Stay tuned here for the Sneak Preview!

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