Falling in Love

 September 21st Sneak Preview:

Falling in LoveFalling in Love    (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)

You’ll definitely fall in love with this rich, autumnal beauty. She’s quiet and a bit mysterious, but still waters run deep, my friend.

6 rows each Rendezvous, Light My Fire, A Roll in the Hay, Smitten, Swept Off Your FeetFall Love 2

Mistress of the DarkMistress of the Dark    (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)

She’s your favorite “ghoulfriend”, with ample assets and a social life that’s just a little bit naughty!

8 rows Witchcraft, 4 rows Elvira, 8 rows Witchcraft, 4 rows Macabre.  Mini Me in Elvira

MoondanceMoondance      (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)

It’s a marvelous night for some fall knitting and this fantabulous colorway will make your night magic!Moondance 2

10 rows Moonlight, 10 rows Magic, 4 rows Harvest.  Mini Me in Harvest

Witchy WomanWitchy Woman     (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)

She’s in your face, and the first to tell you what she thinks, but this little ball will put you under her spell.

There’s no 50 shades of anything here, only the best fibery thing that’s ever happened to you.  This She Witch will dominate your needles.

4 rows each Biatch, Attitude, Whine, all surrounded by 6 rows Badass

Bite MeBite Me     (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)

This is one tough girl and she has your back (or your feet, in this case). Knit her up and she’s loyal forever.

5 rows each Kick Ass Kiwi, Temperamental Turquoise, Mad Melon, all surrounded by 5 rows Bite Me Black

Best FriendBest Friend       (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)best friends

Just call out her name, and she’ll come running to see you again.   All you gotta do is call, and she’ll arrive in all her self striping glory with a bottle of wine and a pint of Hagen Daz.  You’ve got a friend.

3 rows each Lean on Me, I’ll Be There, Bestie, all surrounded by 5 rows BFF

Yarn BombYarn Bomb  (Available in Traditional base)

You never know where she’ll turn up – but this vibrant self striper just has to express herself!  Ten colorful stripes (count ’em, 10!) are waiting for you to knit up some graffiti for your feet.

4 rows each Beauty, Joy, Color, Texture, Graffiti, Knitfiti, Guerilla Knitting, Covert, Street Art, Yarn Storm.


Smile     (Available in both Traditional and Beefcake bases)

“It starts in your toes and your self striping rows
Wherever it goes, you’ll always know
That she’ll make you smile, please knit for awhile now,
Just bring her along, wherever you go.”baby smile

5 rows each Laugh, Grin, Chuckle, Glee, Happiness, Delight, Bliss Cheer

Whiskey Bent and Hell BoundWhiskey Bent and Hell Bound (Pre Order in either Traditional or Beefcake base)

Coming back by popular demand – this dude is so good looking he can charm the stitches off your needles. Occasionally though, he and the boys head out to the old dive bar for beers, pool and some good ol’ country songs.

6 rows each Trouble, Shenanigans, Rowday, Bad to the Bone, all surrounded by 4 rows Bourbon.  Mini Me in Bad to the Bone

Holly Jolly ChristmasHolly Jolly Christmas (Pre Order in Traditional base)Holly Jolly Christmas

Oh, by golly have a holly, jolly Christmas this year!

8 rows Pointsettia, 4 rows Snow, 8 rows Wreath, 4 rows Snow




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