What a Maroon!

What a Maroon!What a Maroon!

That wasically wabbit is at it again, stirring up trouble, and dropping bon mots with abandon!  Good thing his socks are nice looking.What a Maroon 2

With stripes that are twice dyed (double the fun!) for a tonal effect the result is a gorgeous, neutral sock with a pop of color in the small stripe and matching heel/toe.

10 rows Bugs, 10 rows Elmer Fudd, 4 rows Looney Tune.  Mini Me in Looney Tune

Up To NO GoodUp To No Good

Speaking of mischief, the Lollipop Resort and Spa is always at the mercy of this vibrant ball.  Short sheeting the beds and saran wrapping the toilet seat will earn any girl a bad rep.

Lucky for her she’s exceptionally pretty, and with 6 saturated stripes, she solemnly swears to knit up into a dazzling pair of socks!

5 rows each Prank Purple, Gag Green, Mischievous Magenta, Misbehavin’ Midnight, Banter Blue

Peacock on the LoosePeacock on the Loose

Well, the Lollipop girls TRIED to reign her in, but sometimes you gotta know when it’s time to throw in the towel!Peacock on the Loose

Yep, Miss Peacock goes on a little bender now and again.  Rumor has it she’s taken up with the local Lothario, who hangs around down by the creek, but that’s between you, me , and the lamp post.  Catch her if you can!

6 rows Strut, 6 rows Sashay, 6 rows Show Off, 6 rows Don’t Fence Me In.  Mini Me in Show Off

Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Simple and sophisticated, this ball is sure to deck your feet with holiday cheer!

8 rows Evergreen, 8 rows Cream, 8 rows Deep Garnet




Watercolor MemoriesWatercolor Memories

This colorful stripy girl got caught up in the rain.  After dancing around under the umbrella, she decided to do some puddle jumping and emerged fresh faced and ready for your needles.

5 rows each Rosy, Gerbera, Sunbeam, Sprout, Shower, Lilac

Deep Purple Dream.

Deep Purple Dream

“When the deep purple falls,
and your needles come to call
then your stitches begin to whisper with a sigh.
And as long as your heart will beat
sweet fiber we’ll always meet
Here in my deep purple dream.”

4 rows each Plummy, Mauvin’, Plurple, Grapple, all surrounded by 6 rows Twilight.  Mini Me in Plurple.

Pillow TalkPillow Talk

“My pillow and I both agree, there must be some
needles somewhere to knit this little ball up for me.

I hope I’m right.

I’d better be right.

Oh, there must be a pillow talking ball for me.”

6 rows Passionate Pink, 6 rows Mad About You Mist, 6 rows Sweetie Pie, 6 rows Amorous Ash.  Mini Me in Passionate Pink.

We Need A Little Christmas
We Need A Little Christmas

We Need a Little Christmas

Well, we may be rushing things, but what the heck – deck the halls again now!We Need a Little christmas

Yes, you need this fibery ball right this very minute.  You need a little Christmas now!

4 rows each Hollyberry, Tree, Lights, all surrounded by 6 rows Angel.  Mini Me in Hollyberry.

Que Sera SeraQue Sera Sera

Sometimes you just don’t know how your knitting will turn out so you jump in with both feet, thinking, “whatever will be, will be…”

No worries here.  A double dyeing process results in gorgeous tonal greens and blues, all surrounded by happiness.

8 rows Snap Pea, 4 rows Cream, 8 rows Blue Yonder, 4 rows Cream

Take 5
Take 5

Take 5

Come revel in the smooth sounds of this jazzy quintet.  A fusion of mellow hues will soothe your soul and delight your needles!

8 rows Silky, 8 rows Cool, 8 rows Composed, 8 rows Relaxed, 8 rows Laid Back




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  1. I would like to preorder 1 skein of the What a Maroon! with the MiniMe Looney Tunes. (I also wrote a note to you via Etsy). Thank you! Please advise.

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