Gripes Eyes

Introducing….GRIPES! Gradient Stripes. A little bit gradient, a little bit stripy, these are a whole lotta fun!

Boasting a brand new 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon base and a cute coordinating heel/toe, these beauties are causing a stir among the rest of the Lollipop crew.  Let’s meet the new girls….

Serenity Now!Serenity Now!

You’re stressed. Everything seems to be going wrong. Feel free to throw a tantrum (the Lollipop girls have been known to throw a few).Serenity now

Better yet, knit up this gradient girl and feel your worries begin to slip away.

Still WatersStill Waters

No need to tell the world what she’s thinking. This blue shaded beauty fills the room with her presence. She’s quite and introspective, but when she speaks, everyone listens.




She’s a bit of a mean girl. If you think she’s rude, it’s just because you can’t handle the truth.Frenemy      This ball is your BFF one minute, and gossiping behind your back the next.

Still, you two can’t seem to break it off. So enjoy the company and embrace the drama, because you’re going to have a blast knitting her up!


Ready for some regular stripes? Never fear, there are tons for this update!



She’s Miss Photogenic and will color your world with 10 delightfully hypnotic hues! So Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.  Pattern is Shoe Candy, by Leah Oakley.

4 rows each Colors of the Rainbow




Fat TuesdayFat Tuesday

There’s no holding her back, people, go you might as well join in. Beads, Bourbon Street and general shenanigans abound. Are you ready?Fat Tuesday

6 rows each Revelry, Misbehavin’, High Jinks, all surrounded by 4 rows Voodoo

Pinch MePinch Me

Feeling lucky? You will, after knitting up this little leprechaun.  Find the pot of gold and revel in being the “pincher” rather than the “pinchee”. Pinch Me 2

3 rows Shamrock, 5 rows Limerick, 2 rows Magic, 3 rows Clover, 5 rows Brogue, 2 rows Pot of Gold, 3 rows Emerald Isle, 5 rows Luck, 2 rows Blarney Stone


She’s a “witchy woman”, with raven hair and ruby lips. She’ll hold you spellbound with her stripy beauty and dance the night away on your needles.

5 rows each Rouge, Kohl, Carmine, Raven, Ruby, Shadow

I'm Your Huckleberry.

I’m Your Huckleberry

She’s your willing sidekick, always ready for an adventure or to be your second.I'm Your Huckleberry

The Louise to your Thelma, the Yang to your Yin, this girl’s hoping to be a friend to your needles.

8 rows Best Friend, 8 rows Ally, 8 rows Partner

Cabin FeverCabin Fever

Cozy up by the fire with this fuzzy little ball. Six different stripes of woodsy colors make this girl easy to knit and easy to wear every day.

4 rows Firewood, 5 rows Chimney Smoke, 3 rows Pine, 4 rows Hot Cocoa, 5 rows Pot Bellied Stove, 3 rows Fir

Just Chillin'.

Just Chillin’

Chillax dude. Nobody’s going to ask much from you today, so take a load off and knit up some easy going socks.Just Chillin 2

8 rows Hang Loose, 4 rows Cool Breeze, 4 rows Mellow Out, 8 rows Unwind

And here’s the entire Lollipop lineup for this Sunday’s update.  See you there!


Feb 1






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  1. I want to order some yarn, I think the yarn is beautiful. I’m unsure how to do this. I’ve been waiting for Feb 1st and I still don’t know?? Help please

  2. I would love to order from you, and see it is only on a pre-order basis it looks? So to understand correctly, your next available order opportunity is March 15th? Where do you go to actually place an order? Etsy? I really like Cabin Fever and the green/purple/gray combo, will those be available again?

    • Hi April,

      Thanks for your question! Yes, the next time for regular purchases or Pre Orders is March 15th. Neither Cabin Fever nor Carolina In My Mind will be back, but there will be tons of new and returning colorways that I’m sure you will love!

      Lollipop Yarn

  3. What is the best way to actually get an order go through. I have been right there, as soon as it comes online and even get it in my cart. But once I go to check out it isn’t available. I have tried so many times. Becoming discouraged.

    • Hi Lori,

      Yes, understand your frustration! People tell me that the best way is to have a credit card on file with Etsy, and checkout all the way through as fast as you can. Other than that, I am trying to make ’em faster! There should be around 150 at the next update March 15th.

      Thanks so much,
      Lollipop Yarn

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