Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadGoodbye Yellow Brick Road She’s not in Kansas anymore. This ball is ready to break free and show the world her charm and determination. Three stripes that change from yellow to green, blue to purple, and orange to pink, surround themselves with a thin charcoal frame and silver relief.

10 rows each No Limits, Don’t Fence Me In, There’s No Place Like Home, all surrounded by 4 rows Freedom

Bloomin' Arse.

Bloomin’ Arse She’s quite the fair lady, but could use a bit of refining.  Pretty as a picture – yet you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. Wouldn’t it be loverly to knit her up into a proper pair of socks?

4 rows Flower Girl, 4 rows Loverly, 4 rows Little Bit O’ Luck, 4 rows My Fair Lady, 4 rows Bunch of Violets, 4 rows Manners.  Mini Me in My Fair Lady.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams .

Boulevard of Broken Dreams There’s a long road ahead, and this girl would prefer to walk it alone.  She marches to her own drummer with narrow, medium and wide stripes, all in one individually intriguing ball.

3×7 rows Solitary, 4×6 rows Journey, 12 rows The Great Unknown.

Rainbow's End.


Rainbow’s End There’s a wee pot of gold waiting ’round the bend for you and your huckleberry friend. Knit these progressively smaller stripes up and you’ll be crossin’ in style.

8,7,6,5,4,3 rows Colors of the Rainbow.



Tweet A little bird told me this ball wants to be knit up into a feathery soft pair of socks.

4 rows Peep, Chirp, Coo, Twitter, all surrounded by 2 rows Bluebird. Mini Me in Bluebird. 
Spring Fancy


Spring Fancy Finally! It’s time to break out of the winter blahs and celebrate the season of fresh starts! Four playful pastels surrounded by spritely silver are ready for a fibery frolic on your needles.

4 rows Pink, 4 rows Iris, 4 rows Bluebell, 4 rows Sprout, all surrounded by 8 rows Whispering Wind.

Walkin' On Sunshine


Walking on Sunshine She’s the brightest, most vivacious ball in the bunch! Little Miss Sunshine will cheer up your toes with her jaunty, eye-popping stripes!

5 rows each Tickle Me Pink, Vibrant Violet, Bouncy Blue, Nifty Neon, Daffodil, Orange You Glad


And here is the rest of the Lollipop line up for this Sunday’s update. See you there! April 12th Update Row 1: Rainbow’s End, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Walkin’ on Sunshine, Bloomin’ Arse Row 2: Best Friend, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Peaceful Easy Feeling, I’m Your Huckleberry Row 3: Tweet, L’eau Bleue, Spring Fancy, Prissy




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  1. Could you tell me what the pattern for the sample knit is for Blooming Arse and Walking on Sunshine? Thanks Diane

    • Hi Pam,

      The Lollipop balls range from $28.99 to $36.99. There are no advance orders, but everything will be dyed up and ready to ship for the Sunday, June 7th update at 7pm and 7:25pm EDT.

  2. I have just found your yarns on Ravelry while checking out a sock pattern. Love the stripes you have done!!! Tried to find out more info (such as yards per skein, pricing, yarn content) but am apparently not looking in the correct place. The one thing I think I did find out was that your yarn goes very fast. Can you give me a little info on your yarn so I can hopefully be fast enough when it becomes available to get a skein or two (or wouldn’t it be wonderful to get 5 or 6). Thank you for your time! Kathy Cayton

    • Hi Kathy,

      Great to hear from you! The Lollipop balls range from 330 yds (Beefcake) to 420 yds (Traditional). Many also come with a matching heel/toe of 25 additional yds. Prices range from $28.99 to $36.99.

      Traditional is 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon Fingering 4 ply on the light side (8-9 stitches per inch)
      Gripes is 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon Fingering 2 ply (7-8 stitches per inch)
      Beefcake is 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon heavy fingering/sport 3 ply (6-7 stitches per inch)

      The next update is Sunday, June 7th at 7pm EDT (Traditional and Gripes) and 7:15pm EDT (Beefcake)
      See you there!

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