Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocketful of SunshinePocketful of Sunshine

Need a little pick me up?  Cast on this perky and lighthearted little ball and your day will brighten up immediately. She’ll take you away with her cheerful, playful stripes and matching sunny heel/toe.

5 rows each Sky, Grass, Sunny, Rose, Mango, all surrounded by 3 rows Fresh Air.  Mini Me in Sunny

The Rainbow Connection.

The Rainbow Connection

“Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the sock lovers, the knitters, and me.”

4 rows each Color Me Happy

Yankee Doodle Dandy.


Yankee Doodle Dandy

She’d love to be your Yankee Doodle sweetheart and celebrate the 4th on your feet. It’s your patriotic duty to knit her up!

8 rows Rocket’s Red Glare, 4 rows Star Spangled, 8 rows Patriot, 4 rows Star Spangled.  Mini Me in Rocket’s Red Glare.

Grand Old Flag.

Grand Old Flag

She’s the emblem of the land we love. The bravest ball in the bunch, her heart beats true for your needles.

3×7 rows True Blue and Freedom, 5 rows Patriot, 9 rows Don’t Tread on Me, 5 rows Patriot

Love Shack.

Love Shack

Uh, don’t ask.

6 rows Amore, 6 rows Tryst, 6 rows Crush, 6 rows Rendezvous. Mini Me in Amore

Watercolor Memories.


Watercolor Memories

This winsome stripey girl got caught up in the rain. After dancing around under the umbrella, she decided to do some puddle jumping and emerged fresh faced and ready for your needles.

5 rows each Rosy, Gerbera, Sunbeam, Sprout, Shower, Lilac

Lazy Day.

Lazy Day

Swing in the hammock, read a book, or just nod off for a bit, wearing some socks that just stripe up carefree!

6 rows Grasshopper, 6 rows Sky, 6 rows Hammock, 6 rows Blossom, 6 rows Hay

Sunshine on My Shoulders.

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Nothing makes this girl happier than fresh air and sunshine. Let her brighten your day with cheerful stripes and a matching heel/toe.

10 rows each Blue Skies, Sand, Breeze, Suntan, all surrounded by 5 rows Puffy Cloud.  Mini Me in Blue Skies

And here is the rest of the Lollipop line up for this Sunday’s update.  See you there!

May 10th update

Row 1: The Rainbow Connection, Ooph, Love Shack, Yankee Doodle Dandy

Row 2: Pocketful of Sunshine, Watercolor Memories, Lavender Fields, Grand Old Flag

Row 3: Garden Party, Lazy Day, Sweetie Pie, Sunshine on My Shoulder




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