Hissy Fit

Hissy Fit 1Hissy Fit (Tumbling Blocks Striped Socks pattern by Leah Oakley)

Line too long at Starbucks? Ravelry down? She’ll stomp her pretty little self striping foot and throw a full on temper tantrum. Amid the histrionics, she’ll peek through her long lashes to gauge your reaction.

You might as well give in and pay her the attention she deserves.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose at yarn chicken.

2/5/2/5/4/6/3/2/3/2 rows Hullabaloo. Mini Me in Drama Queen.

Cooler Than Me 1 anotherCooler Than Me

No drama here.  Just a super chill ball that never tries too hard. She’ll pass you by without saying hello, and nothing you do is good enough.  Who does she think she is?!

Obviously a somebody – that’s why the paps are following her around, wanting a photo. Stylishly worn, like a comfortable pair of acid washed jeans, this ball will look awesome knit up into a pair of socks.

4 rows each of 3 stripes intertwined – Intriguing, Steely, Chill.  Mini Me in Chill

The Outer Limits 1The Outer Limits

A galaxy of deep, saturated rainbow stripes, this 10 color self striper will take you to places you’ve never been!

4 rows each To the Moon and Back. Mini Me in Space.

Cheeky 1.



She’s the one with the smart mouth.  Your most fun friend, Miss Cheeky might embarrass you in public, but she’s always a good time.

4 rows each of 3 stripes intertwined – Impertinent, Saucy, Fresh.  Mini Me in Saucy.

Giggles 1 (1)Giggles

There’s not a serious bone in this little ball of fun and frolic! Self striping happiness abounds in 6 rows each of Gleeful Green, Blissful Blue, Perky Purple, and Tickled Pink.  Mini Me in Gleeful Green.

The Best Is Yet to Come heeltoe better.

The Best is Yet to Come

Ever the optimist, this fiberista is always ready for the next big thing. Her approach to life is to live it to the fullest, with no regrets.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

5 rows each Confidence, Enthusiasm, Determination, Grit, Courage, Spunk.  Mini Me in Spunk.

Here’s this Sunday’s entire lineup:July 19th Update

Row 1:
The Outer Limits – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Hissy Fit – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Cheeky – Gripes, Beefcake

Row 2:
Indian Summer – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
The Best is Yet To Come – Gripes, Beefcake
Color Addiction – Gripes, Beefcake
Giggles – Gripes, Beefcake

Row 3:
Pretty Paws – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Jelly Belly – Gripes, Beefcake
Cooler Than Me – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Minted – Gripes




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  1. Wow, thank you for the top of the line mention of Tumbling Blocks! I love that Colorway too. giggles is on top of my list. Will have to see if I’m fast enough to snag two LOL.

    I stopped in at the SSK market yesterday and got to meet Susan B Anderson in person. What a nice lady! I got a hank of the Must Stash in the dark side of the moon Extended play version, one other hank of yarn and one of those Akers portable spinning bobbins for a friend’s birthday. Hot, hot, hot.

    Has your son already left for college or you are just sad because you know he will be?



    • SSK sounded like a blast! Sorry I missed it this year.

      Tumbling Blocks is my current favorite sock pattern!

      Son is already gone. I sniffled a little in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. Only bought one box instead of the usual five – lol!

  2. I am new with Lollipop Yarn and knitting socks. Is one ball sufficient for a pair of socks? Or are two needed? Many thanks! (Your yarn is beautiful!)

  3. I’m very confused about purchasing your yarn. I saw the first set traditional and gripes. Never saw the beefcake load and I did refresh my screen just prior yo 4:15.


    Sent from my iPad


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