Bye Felicia 1 (1)Bye Felicia

      Don’t mess with a mean girl. She’ll slice and dice you and leave the remains for the B table.

Your only chance is to offer up a mocha latte, cozy fire, and some needles.

20 rows Buh Bye, 5 rows B*itch, 20 rows See Ya!, 5 rows B*itch. Mini Me in B*itch

Karma Chameleon 1Karma Chameleon

She comes and she goes, changing color and personality faster than you can say Boy George. Love her or leave her – she’ll end up on somebody’s needles.

6 rows each Grasshopper, Azalea, Plum, Lake, Goldenrod, Tangerine, Rose, Bluebell, Teally.  Mini Me in Teally

Autumn Amore heeltoe 1Autumn Amore

Meet Miss September.  She loves hay rides, jumping in big piles of freshly raked leaves, and waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

5 rows each Red Delicious, Spice, Amber, Granny Smith, Bark. Mini Me in Bark

Trick Or Treat heeltoe 1.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

8 rows Spooky, 4 rows Ghost, 8 rows Spooky, 4 rows Pumpkin Patch.  Mini Me in Pumpkin Patch

Whisker Lickins heeltoe 1.


Whisker Lickin’s

She’s a fuzzy feline who’s quite sure of her charms.  With 6 different stripes, this little kitty will purrrr on your needles.

4 rows each Catbox, Furrball, Pink Nose, Hellcat, Whisker, Purr Pink.  Mini Me in Purr Pink

Some Kind of Wonderful heeltoe 1.

Some Kind of Wonderful

A little loopy, a little sane. A little bit colorful, a little bit gray.

Either way, she’s Some Kind of Wonderful and she’ll know how to treat you right.

8 rows Silver, 2 rows each Soot, Grass, Cyan, Iris, Soot.  Mini Me in Cyan

Mistress of the Dark Pre OrderMistress of the Dark

She’s your favorite “ghoulfriend” with ample assets and a social life that’s just a little bit naughty!

8 rows Witchcraft, 4 rows Elvira, 8 rows Witchcraft, 4 rows Macabre. Mini me in Elvira.

*The Mistress will be available for Pre Order in the Gripes base during the 7pm EDT update*

And here’s this Sunday’s entire lineup:

August 23rd Update




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  1. They are all so pretty but I’m not hopeful. I’ve tried 6 different shop updates & have only gotten 1 skein because of Etsy cart stealing. Maybe this will be my lucky day!!

  2. Wow. Was at the website on time and thought I had a skein and was filling out the payment and it was gone by 7:04. The others I liked were gone before that.

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