Autumn Anarchy

Sunday, September 20th schedule:

7:00pm EDT – Update (Traditional and Gripes bases)
7:15pm EDT – Update (Beefcake base)
8:00pm EDT – Special Update – check out the details here.
9:00pm EDT – Favorite Colorway Contest Update – (Limit 1) see Ravelry

Autumn AnarchyAutumn Anarchy

Rise up and shout, ” I’m tired of summer, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

If you are ready for warm socks, cozy cardigans, crisp weather and Pumpkin Spice lattes, grab this rebellious little ball!

6 rows each Insubordination, Defiance, Mob Rule, Rebellion, Riot, all surrounded by 2 rows Sassy. Mini Me in Sassy

Bewitched 1 (1).


This cute witch will cast a spell on your needles. Stripey socks will be complete with a twitch of your nose!

6 rows Spooky, 6 rows Pumpkin Patch. Mini Me in Spooky


Witchy Woman heeltoe 1.

Witchy Woman

There’s no 50 shades of gray here, just the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

She’s got the moon in her eye and will put you under her spell and dominate your needles.

4 rows each Biatch, Attitude, Whine, all surrounded by 6 rows Badass. Mini Me in Biatch

Puddle Jumper 1Puddle Jumper

Happy-go-lucky doesn’t begin to describe this celestial beauty. She’s likely to hopscotch her way down the block and skip through a few puddles in her duck boots.

Her motto is ”
Everybody wants happiness,
nobody wants pain.
But you can’t have a rainbow,
without a little rain.”

3 rows Carefree, 3 rows Cheery, 3 rows Lighthearted, 3 rows Jolly, 3 rows Jaunty, 3 rows Sprightly, 22 rows Sprinkle. Mini Me in Sprinkle.

Yarn Bomb HeelToe 1Yarn Bomb

You never know where she’ll turn up – but this vibrant self striper just has to express herself!

Ten colorful stripes are waiting for YOU to knit up some graffiti for your feet.

4 rows each Beauty, Joy, Color, Texture, Graffiti, Knitfiti, Guerilla Knitter, Covert, Street Art, Yarn Storm.  Mini Me in Guerilla Knitter.

Truly Madly DeeplyTruly Madly Deeply

“I want to stand with you at the yarn market.
I want to knit everything in your queue.
I want to live on your feet forever.
Until the smell finally overpowers you..
8 rows Dream, 4 rows Fantasy, 8 rows Wish, 4 rows Fantasy. Mini Me in Dream

Candy Crush heeltoe 1Candy Crush

Sweet! The saga continues with new levels of complete sugar rushes.  Seven saccharine, saturated stripes will knit up for a cheery, non fattening pair of socks!

6 rows each Skittles, Pez, Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, Gummi Bears.  Mini Me in Pop Rocks


And here is this Sunday’s entire lineup:

September 20th update

Row 1:
Be Merry – Gripes, Beefcake
Yarn Bomb – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Candy Crush – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Puddle Jumper – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake

Row 2:
Autumn Anarchy – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Witchy Woman – Gripes
Bewitched – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Trick or Treat – Traditional, Gripes

Row 3:
Truly Madly Deeply – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Frenemy – Beefcake
Tranquility – Gripes
Plein Air – Gripes


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