The Peacock Strikes Again!

Sunday, October 18th schedule:

7:00pm EDT – Update (Traditional and Gripes bases)
7:15pm EDT – Update (Beefcake base)
8:00pm EDT – Special Update (details here)

Peacock on the Loose

Peacock On the Loose

Well, the Lollipop girls TRIED to reign her in, but sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel.

Yep, Miss Peacock goes on a little bender now and then. Rumor has it she’s taken up with the local Lothario who hangs around down by the creek, but that’s between you, me, and the lamp post. Catch her if you can!

6 rows Strut, 6 rows Sashay, 6 rows Show Off, 6 rows Don’t Fence Me In. Mini Me in Show Off

Under the Tuscan SunUnder the Tuscan Sun

Rainwashed and sunbaked, our bella signora is ready for some amore with your needles. “Life offers you a thousand chances…all you have to do is take one.”

7 rows each Faded Rainbow

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound



Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Gotta love the bad boy.  This dude is so good looking, he can charm the stitches off your needles.

Occasionally though, he and the boys head out to the old dive bar for beers, pool, and some good ol’ country songs.

6 rows each Trouble, Shenanigans, Rowdy, Bad to the Bone, all surrounded by 4 rows Bourbon.  Mini Me in Bad to the Bone

Santa Baby 1 (1)Santa Baby

You’ve been an awful good girl and deserve a special present.  This ball will hurry down the chimney onto your needles for some festive socks!

6 rows Cherry Nose, 6 rows White Beard, 6 rows Trimmings, 6 rows Evergreen

Carol of the Bells



Carol of the Bells

Hark, hear the bells, sweet silver bells! Throw your cares away and fire up the dpns (or circs) for a festive ringa ding ding.

Rich tonal stripes ring in words of good cheer and a merry pair of socks.

8 rows Pointsettia, 4 rows Silver Bells, 8 rows Mistletoe, 4 rows Silver Bells.  Mini Me in Pointsettia

Home for the Holidays Pre Order

Home For the Holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays. The sights, the smells, that special feeling.

No matter how far away you roam….for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home.

8 rows Sleigh Ride, 8 rows Gilt, 8 rows Tannenbaum. Mini Me in Sleigh Ride

Oh Christmas Tree Pre Order

Oh Christmas Tree

How lovely are her branches! This is no poor Charlie Brown Christmas tree – she’s evergreen and decorated with strings of bright lights.

Inspired by a delightful Lollipop fanatic, this colorful ball will entice Santa to leave some extra special presents just for you.

5 rows each String of Lights, all surrounded by 5 rows Fraser Fir.  Mini Me in Holly

And here’s the rest of the Lollipop lineup:

October 18th Update

Row 1:
Candy Crush – Gripes base
Under the Tuscan Sun – Traditional and Gripes bases
Pillow Talk – Traditional and Gripes Bases
Love is All Around – Traditional and Beefcake bases

Row 2:
Carol of the Bells – Gripes base
Oh Christmas Tree – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases
Santa Baby – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases
Home for the Holidays – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases

Row 3:
Autumn Serenade – Gripes base
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound – Traditional, Gripes, and Beefcake bases
Peacock on the Loose – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake bases
Purple Pizazz – Traditional base




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    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks for checking in! I have done some wholesale in the past – though not much currently due to the retail demand.

      Will definitely keep keep you in mind!
      Joan Rinella
      Lollipop Yarn

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