Walk on the Wild Side

February 7th Update schedule:
7:00pm EST – Traditional and Gripes bases
7:15pm EST – Beefcake base

Let’s start with the entire Lollipop Lineup – there are tons of colorways to choose from!

Preview #1:
February 7th Update 1.png

Row 1:
Walk on the Wild Side – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Tango in the Night – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
As Time Goes By – Beefcake

Row 2:
Bittersweet Memories – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake
Flash Mob – Traditional, Beefcake
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Traditional, Gripes, Beefcake

Row 3:
Pajama Party – Traditional, Beefcake
Rockin’ Robin – Gripes, Beefcake
I’m Blue – Gripes

Preview #2:
February 7th Update 2

Row 1:
Girly Girl – Gripes
Throwing Shade – Traditional
Fresh Start – Beefcake

Row 2:
Bite Me – Gripes
Vintage Vibe – Traditional
Flea Flicker – Beefcake (For you Super Bowl fans!)

Row 3:
Emerald Isle – Gripes, Beefcake
Blarney – Traditional, Beefcake
Luck O’ The Irish – Gripes, Beefcake

Now let’s meet some of the girls up close and personal…..
Walk on the Wild SideWalk on the Wild Side

She’s hip, hep, and known to hitchhike her way across the country on a dare.

This former Flower Child may be a little far out, but she’ll sock it to you with some mindbendingly colorful socks.

5 rows each Psychedelic, all surrounded by 5 rows Violaceous. Mini Me in Violaceous

Tango in the Night Tango in the Night

Romantic, sexy, and full of innuendo – deep rich purples are surrounded by a tonal mushroom grey.

Four matching mini’s make the sock seduction complete.

3 rows Rhumba, 3 rows Conga, 3 rows Samba, 3 rows Mambo, all surrounded by 7 rows Moonlight. Mini Me’s in Rhumba, Conga, Samba, Mambo

Luck O' the Irish 1Luck O’ the Irish

Gradient stripes in vibrant greens fade in and out into magical mischievous stripes.

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style with this lucky little ball.

6 rows Four Leaf Clover, 6 rows Brogue.  Mini Me in Four Leaf Clover

Pajama Party 1 anotherPajama Party

Grab your most comfy jammies and join the fun! Giggles gossip and girl talk – popcorn, movies and staying up late!

6 rows Girl Talk, 6 rows Pillow Fight.  Mini Me in Girl Talk

Rockin' Robin 1.

Rockin’ Robin

“She knits in her jammies all day long
Knitting and a-purlin’ and frogging along
All her fellow yarnies at the fiber retreat
Can’t believe this knitter’s on her 12th repeat”

16 rows Tweet, 2 rows Tree Top, 6 rows Speckled, 2 rows Tree Top. Mini Me in Speckled

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1 another (1).pngGoodbye Yellow Brick Road – Tumbling Blocks pattern by Leah Oakley

She’s not in Kansas anymore. This ball is ready to break free and show the world her charm and determination.

Three stripes that morph from lemon to apple green, sky to iris, and citrus to azalea, surround themselves with a thin Charcoal frame and silver relief.

10 rows each No Limits, Don’t Fence Me In, There’s No Place Like Home, all surrounded by 4 rows Freedom

Flea Flicker 1Flea Flicker

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! If you have a football fan in your life, this colorway is for them!

This good looking hunk of a trick play is a bit risky, but the payoff can be 6 points on the board and a handsome pair of sock on the needles.

1 rows Trick Play, 4 rows Lateral, 1 row Trick Play, 18 rows Turf.  Mini Me in Trick Play


  • Put March 6th on your calendar for the next Lollipop Update! There are at least 5 new colorways planned and lots of beautiful returnees.







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  1. Hi. Your yarns are beautiful and I enjoy looking at them. Unfortunately, I’ve tried to purchase several times—setting an alert and being right there refreshing the screen as soon as the listings appear. After these unsuccessful tries, I’ve given up…too stressful. I started to wonder if one or two buyers snatched them all. Congrats to you for a wildly popular product. I understand you don’t do special orders. I’m wondering what the custom listings are which I see in your shop. Your listings are gorgeous and I shall continue to enjoy them. Thx for sharing your talent! Ann

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your complements. And sorry for your frustrations!

      I’ve tried a few ways to make it easier (and less stressful!) to shop, including a couple of Newbies Only updates or Open Pre Orders. Maybe it’s time to revisit those options again.

      In the meantime, what colorways are you interested in? If there is a way to help, I certainly will! Appreciate your comments!


  2. And I agree with ANN. Enough frustration in life. Much less setting an alarm to make a purchase. Beautiful yarn,good for you! Maybe one day…..

    • Ok, I hear you! The next update on Sunday, March 6th will have a special time just for YOU.

      The regular update times will take place at 7pm and 7:15pm EST as usual. At 8:00pm EST there will be a special update for Lollipop Newbies only, with lots of beautiful colorways ready-to-ship, as well as unlimited Pre Orders for special colorways.

      Set your calender – there WILL be self striping available for you to purchase at your leisure!

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