Let’s Have Some Fun!

There’s an exciting update in store for you tonight! Seven new Lollipop girls make their glorious debut and the rest of the crew at the Lollipop Resort & Spa are breathless with anticipation!

The regular updates are as follows:
7:00pm EST – Traditional and Gripes bases
7:15pm EST – Beefcake base

PLUS: We have a Newbies Only Update:
8:00pm EST – all bases.

Get Your Pink On
The PINKALONG starts today! Any Lollipop Yarn that contains pink is eligible – post your FO’s in the Ravelry thread. Prizes will be drawn throughout March and April.  The KAL ends May 1st.

Need to add to (or start) your Lollipop stash? Check out the Sneak Preview below:

March 6th Update

Row 1:
La Dolce Vita – all bases
Semi Charmed Life – Gripes and Beefcake bases
Tranquility – Gripes and Beefcake bases
Snuggle – Traditional and Gripes bases

Row 2:
Watercolor Memories – all bases
Bunny Trail – all bases
Field of Dreams – Gripes base
Minted – (Pre Order) Gripes base (send message after the sale to change)

Row 3:
Southern Charm – Traditional and Beefcake bases
Walkin’ on Sunshine – (Pre Order) Gripes base (send message after the sale to change)
Living on the Edge – all bases
Frenemy – Pre Order) Gripes base (send message after the sale to change)

Row 4:
Emerald Isle – Gripes and Beefcake bases
Blarney – Beefcake base
Death by Purple – all bases

Now, let’s meet some of the girls up close and personal…..

La Dolce Vita 1 (1)La Dolce Vita

Life doesn’t get any better with this scrumptious signorina. Her luscious curves speak volumes and her come hither look means you must cast on today!

5 rows each Buttercup, Citrus, Bloom, Punch Bluebell, Clover, all surrounded by 5 rows Sweet. Mini Me in Sweet

Living on the Edge one more


Living on the Edge

There’s some risky business afoot. This daredevil sports stripes that are recklessly two-toned and practically vibrate with rich color.

With 4 Mini Me’s that perfectly match the alternating stripes, she’ll surprise you with her boldness.

4 rows each Bold, Brassy, Brave, Cheeky, all surrounded with 6 rows Risky Business. Mini Me’s in Bold, Brassy, Brave, Cheeky

Southern Charm 1Southern Charm

Hey y’all! Prepare yourself to be utterly captivated by this delightful debutante. There’s never a dull moment – she can be pouty one moment and completely amiable the next. But “tomorrow is another day”, and another chance to cast on a beguiling beauty of a ball.

8 rows Azalea, 4 rows Cotillion, 8 rows Anole, 4 rows Cotillion.  Mini Me’s in Azalea and Anole.

Death by Purple 1 another.png


Death by Purple

What a way to go…..

12 rows Goober Grape, 4 rows Vivacious Violet, 4 rows Goober Grape, 4 rows Vivacious Violet.  Mini Me in Goober Grape

Bunny Trail 1 another.png


Bunny Trail

Hop on over and knit up this most eggscellent colorway!

6 rows Hippity, 6 rows Hoppity, 6 rows Jelly Bean, 6 rows Egg Hunt.  Mini Me in Hoppity

Watercolor Memories HeelToe.png


Watercolor Memories

This sweet, cheerful ball got caught up in the rain. After dancing around under the umbrella, she decided to do some puddle jumping and emerged fresh faced and ready for you needles.

5 rows each Rosy, Gerbera, Sunbeam, Sprout, Shower, Lilac.  Mini Me in Rosy









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