SuperDuper Pre Order Update

Unlimited Pre Orders are here! Join us tonight (Sunday, April 17th) at 7:00pm and 7:15pm EDT for some of our most beautiful colorways in unlimited quantities. The updates will be as follows:

7:00pm EDT
1. Regular Update in Traditional and Gripes bases
2. Unlimited Pre Order Update in all bases (there will be a section to select your base)

7:15pm EDT
1. Regular Update in Beefcake base
2. Unlimited Pre Orders will remain open

The Unlimited Pre Order colorways will remain open for a week – so tell your friends! Check out the sneak previews below.


April 17th unlimited Pre order.png
Row 1:
Prissy – all bases
Candy Crush – all bases
The Outer Limits – all bases

Row 2:
Best Friend – all bases
Carolina in My Mind – all bases
Rainshowers – all bases

Row 3:
I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues – all bases
Grand Old Flag – all bases
Yankee Doodle Dandy – all bases


April 17th update.png
Row 1:
Mon’ Amie – Traditional, Gripes, and Beefcake
Raise the Roof – Gripes and Beefcake
Cutie Patootie – Traditional and Gripes

Row 2:
Blue Skies and Rainbows – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake
Hyperdrive – Gripes and Beefcake
Sweet Dreams – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake

Row 3:
Forever – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake
Power to the Purple – Traditional
Lazy Day – Traditional, Gripes and Beefcake


Now let’s meet some of the Lollipop girls up close and personal…..

Mon Amie.pngMon’ Amie

Forget Pepe Le Pew, this little beauty is moving on to la’mour on your needles.Mon Amie 570 With four fresh and fair heel/toes, she’s as enchanting as any French femme fatale.

3 rows each Amore, Fancy, Crush, Fond, all surrounded by 7 rows My Friend. Mini Me’s in Amore, Fancy, Crush, Fond

Rainshowers unlimited pre order white.pngRainshowers

Meet Miss April. Her likes are puddle hopping, raindrops on roses, and Rainy Days and Mondays.Rainshowers smaller size

She cries prettily and leaves fresh air and flowers wherever she goes.

5 rows each Downpour, Sprinkle, Cloudburst, Mist, Drencher, Drizzle, Torrent, Spritz. Mini Me in Downpour


Faster than you can say “make it so”, you’ll have an out-of-this-world experience.

Every change of stripe is a new adventure, and your socks will be done in the speed of light.

3 rows each Black Hole, Light Speed, Black Hole, 15 rows Zip.  Mini Me in Black Hole

Raise the RoofRaise the Roof

Let’s do this! Nothing better than a riot of color in the middle of a neutral.  You’ve got a bit of the rebel in you and this colorway is the best place to start!

4 rows  Whoop it Up, 4 rows Make Some Noise, 4 rows Whoop it Up, 12 Rows Shout Out.  Mini Me in Make Some Noise

Sweet Dreams.png
Sweet Dreams

You are getting sleepy….soothing shades of light plum and soft blue are interspersed with a kaleidoscope of colors to put you in a deep and satisfying slumber.

Two alternate Mini Me’s offer a variety of choices for heels and toes. Sweet dreams are definitely made of this.

6 rows Nap, 6 rows Slumber, 6 rows Nod Off, 6 rows Slumber.  Mini Me’s in Nap and Nod Off.


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