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    • Thanks for your request! The next shop update will be loaded.
      Sunday, August 7th:
      7:00pm EDT – all self striping
      7:10pm EDT – speckled, variegated, tonal, solos and duets
      Monday, August 8th:
      12 noon EDT – self striping, speckled, variegated, tonal, solos, duets

  1. You know, I’ve been interested in your yarn now for quite some time, but I can’t figure out how to order it or even how much it is.

    How much are your skeins of yarn?



  2. Good afternoon.
    Can I get in your queue for my next order?
    Let me know and thank you again, love your colors.
    Julie @My Sister Knits

    Julie Luckasen
    My Sister Knits
    1408 W Mountain Ave
    Fort Collins, CO 80521

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